Claudia Contrada Breaks With Homophobe Mother

Anti-Gay Activist’s Gay Daughter Speaks Out

Anti-gay activist Amy Contrada’s world came crashing down earlier this week when her daughter Claudia came out of the closet. A high school student with a starring role in her mother’s least favorite play, The Laramie Project, Claudia recently sat down with Queer Today and gives readers an inside look into her tumultuous family politics.

QT: What is it like for you to be supportive of gay rights but have an anti-gay activist parent?

CC: It’s difficult because we clash horribly. It’s really stressful because there’s always an argument going on.

QT: Do you identify as LGB or T?

CC: I am a lesbian, which my mom still does not get. She just says that I am confused. I realized in around eighth grade, but I was in denial for quite some time because I was scared due to my mother constantly saying that homosexuality is wrong. How can it ever be wrong to love though? That’s what I’d like to know.

Claudia Contrada, you may be a lady, but you’ve got balls of steel!