Pat Selves On Back For 21% Drop

Anti-Gay AFA Takes Credit For Ford Plunge

The American Family Association thinks it’s omnipotent. The anti-gay “family” values group takes credit for Ford Motors’ shocking 21% sales plunge. In a delightful action alert, the AFA declares itself a winner:

Ford Motor Company sales dropped 21% in September compared to that month’s sales a year ago. Ford sales have dropped in 17 of the 19 months since AFA began a boycott of the company. AFA began boycotting Ford in March 2006 when the company reneged on a pledge to stop supporting homosexual organizations and same-sex marriage.

While not totally responsible for the decline in sales, the boycott is having an impact.

Ford continues to consider support for the homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage more important than making a profit for the company.

Ford has rebuffed repeated attempts by AFA asking the company to remain neutral in the culture war.

Meanwhile, other, more even-minded analysis points to a lower demand for trucks, one of the company’s cornerstones.

(PS: Ford hasn’t stayed neutral.)

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