Anti-Gay Amendment May Not Be Dead In Arizona

Gay activists celebrated yesterday afternoon after Arizona’s Senate failed to pass an anti-gay marriage measure. With the failure, many assumed that the proposed ban wouldn’t make November’s ballot. Unfortunately, they may have spoken too soon:

The thirty-member chamber voted 14-11 to place a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage onto the ballot. But since the Arizona constitution requires that a majority of the members elected must approve the measure, sixteen votes are needed for passage.

When supporters of the ban realized that they didn’t have enough votes – Sen. Karen Johnson (R-Mesa) had gone on vacation – Sen. Linda Gray (R-Phoenix) switched her vote in a procedural move to allow her to bring the measure back again for another vote. Another vote will likely be called on Friday when Johnson is expected to interrupt her vacation to support the measure.

The civil rights loving kids over at Equality Arizona have some handy tips for those of you looking to fight the good gay fight.