“Anti-Gay” Anglican Bishop A Gay?

Another holy outing? American Dennis Wine alleges that he had a sexual relationship Anglican Bishop of Horsham Lindsay Urwin.

Lindsay was 37 or so at the time and a good looking man for his age (being 38 myself now that seems like a silly thing to say but it was how I saw things as a 23 year old back then).

We hooked up twice in Holy Week of 1993. I fell for him in one of those puppy dog crushes newly out gay men sometimes have.

My friend warned me that Lindsay had a reputation for “teahouses” (by which he meant frequenting public restrooms). His advice was “don’t fall for Lindsay. He wants to be a bishop”.

Wine explains that he would not usually out someone, but felt compelled to do so after hearing of Urwin’s anti-gay support. For example, Urwin joined his peers in celebrating America’s Dioscese of San Joaquin breaking off to join the anti-gay Province of the Southern Cone.