Anti-Gay Anglicans Gather In Ugana

Upset over the Anglican Communion’s refusal to condemn the ascension of openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson, the Global Anglican Future Conference Movement flew to Uganda this week to consolidate their anti-gay sentiment.

Indian Bishop Vinay Samuel explains This meeting is an exercise to explain the declaration we made after [this summer’s] conference in Jerusalem. We need to explain to those who disagree with us on the issue of taking the authority of the Bible as we do.”

Like so many homophobic activists, the Movement’s members insist they’re not hating on the gays. They just want to straighten them out. Says Nigerian Bishop Nicholas Okoh: “We are telling people in homosexual relations that we appreciate you as human beings, but it’s not a rightful relation. The right relationship is that between a man and a woman.” Hmmm, if that’s true, why do our gay ways feel so right?