Anti-Gay Archbishop Threatened Again

Some haters are gunning for homo hating Catholic Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco. Bagnasco (pictured, slouching like a heathen) has been a vocal opponent to Italy’s proposed civil unions – and equating homosexuality with incest – a position that garnered him some graffiti around town, which reads: “Shame on you, Bagnasco”, according to Javno.

The Archbishop’s tormentors turned up the heat Friday, however, when they sent the head of the Italian Bishops Conference a bullet. The package also included a picture of Bagnasco with a swatika cut out of it, according to a Vatican Radio report.

International Herald Tribune elaborates:

Bodyguards stood a few meters (yards) from the altar Sunday in Genoa’s cathedral as Bagnasco celebrated Mass. They were assigned a few weeks ago after graffiti threatening Bagnasco were scrawled on buildings.

Vatican Radio quoted the archdiocese’s spokesman, Carlo Arcolao, as calling the recent threats work of “very small and psychologically weak fringes.”

The bishops conference spokesman, the Rev. Domenico Pompili, told Vatican Radio that “it is not the intention of the Church to fuel a clash that it never went looking for.”

Well, that’s not entirely true: the conference has toed Vatican party line by opposing same-sex marriage. So they did, in fact, look for the fight. They just didn’t bank on a potentially armed rebellion.

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  • Damiano

    Hello from Rome!
    I just wanted to let you know that the picture exposed on your article does not correspond to that of Italian Episcopical President who is also the Archibishop of Genoa Mons Bagnasco INSTEAD to that of the Secretary of the Vatican State Mons. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

  • damiano

    sorry I forgot to add a crucial point which might be the source of the above-mentioned error i.e before his appointment to the State Secretariat, Mon Bertone was the archibishop of Genoa and eversince his position is occupied by Bagnasco.

  • Scott

    How come no one has mentioned the strong possibility that Bagnasco is LYING in order to generate bad publicity for human beings he would like to continue treating as subhuman? Also, the bullet is not necessarily a death threat. It could merely be intended to remind Bagnasco about all the people who have died violently because of the bigotry and hatred that he is actively attempting to perpetuate?

  • nate

    Here we go again, the Catholic church is making up “facts” in order to make all the gays look bad. Broken record, Broken record, Broken record………. Let’s take a little look at history and who has one of violence. It’s not proof of course, but neither is the word of a catholic church official. Just look at how corrupt they are in everything (of course that priest wassn’t transfered for poking that nice little alter boy………Broken record……)

  • Charles Lambert

    He also equated gay civil unions with pederasty, which is pretty rich coming from the church, no slouch in chicken-plucking.

    What’s really interesting though is the establishment reaction towards some fairly innocuous acts of civil disobedience. I wouldn’t defend the mafia-style posting of a bullet, but graffiti? According to the entire political and media world here in Italy, words on walls constitute a threat. Baganasco now has a police escort, paid for by the state…

    So what happens if someone writes queer on my door? Do I get a police escort. In my dreams…

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