Antigay Arkansas Governor’s Website Now A Gay Chat Room


Having already raised the divine ire of Cher, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s antigay rhetoric has led an LGBT hacktivist to redirect to an LGBT forum.

According to a statement on

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has allowed the passage of several anti-gay bills to become law in Arkansas, from one that took away the ability of cities to decide if they want to add protections for LGBT citizens and “religious freedom” legislation that he pushed then watered it down a bit at the last minute due to enormous pressure from the business community. He’s also worked towards banning gays from being able to adopt children. So, I noticed his website was available,, so I have purchased it and redirected the traffic to the forum. I will hold on to the site in case he runs for re-election in the future and will update it then based on his record as Governor during this term.

Among Hutchinson’s list of offenses is support for SB202, — nicknamed the “Gays Stay Away” bill — making it illegal for local governments to enact non-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBT people.

SB202 passed the state legislature and despite calls from civil rights groups, Hutchinson refused to veto the bill. The Gov. also refused to sign the bill into law, citing “reservations” but it became law without his signature back in February and goes into effect this summer.

This type of LGBT hacktivism is hopefully becoming more commonplace — remember these “high-tech bears” who repurposed — as it sends a clear message to those who would hope to turn back the hands of time on discrimination.

Or as one commenter on put it, “now whenever someone wants to see how hate filled homophobia is, they can come here and be greeted with enthusiasm and love.”

Les Fabian Brathwaite — hack that azz up. 

h/t: PinkNews

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