Anti-Gay Army Recruiter Reassigned

Anti-gay army recruiter Marcia Ramode has a new job. Ramode first caught our queer eye when she blasted would-be soldier Corey Andrew’s sexuality and race, telling him to “go back to Africa”. Following the controversy, Ms. Ramode found herself suspended, but now army officials have found a new place for her – one where she won’t be able to call out the gays, nor cause any more public embarrassment.

The Chicago-Tribune reports:

S. Douglas Smith, a spokesman for U.S. Army Recruitment Command at Ft. Knox, Ky., said that administrative action was taken against Ramode and she has been reassigned on Wednesday to a job at West Point, the Army’s service academy. Smith said he did not know immediately what her new duties were, but she would no longer work as a recruiter for the Army. Smith said that the Army could not reveal details of the administrative action taken because of privacy laws.

While it’s nice to know Ramode’s tucked far away, Andrew says the army hasn’t done a good enough job resolving the matter,

They say they were conducting an investigation, but to this day I’ve never been contacted by anyone at the Army. You’d think if they were really conducting an investigation that they would want to talk to me.

One would think so. Although, one would also think that the army would bar gays from fighting – not in the 21st century, at least.