Activists Plan Protest

Anti-Gay Attack At Michigan Resort

Michigan’s Tawas Bay Beach Resort’s about to see an influx of homos – and they won’t be gay. A former guest named Angela Potter alleges another guest attacked her during her stay. In the course of the attack, says Potter, who’s a lesbian, the man hurled some homophobic epithets.

Hoping to see the man in the clink, Potter asked the Resort to call the police. Staffers told her they had done so, but, in fact, had not. When Potter pressed the issue, staffers asked her to leave.

Now, Potter and Michigan’s Triangle Foundation are planning a good old fashion protest. On Saturday, Septemeber 22, from 11am-3pm, Potter and other activists will storm the Resort’s lobby looking for justice.

Potter says she’s not only acting to help herself, but raise awareness of anti-gay sentiments and inaction:

I’m doing it because I want other people to know that it’s still possible in Michigan to be physically attacked just because you’re a lesbian. And sadly it’s still possible for the people who are responsible for protecting us to ignore their responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility: coppers are finally on the case and treating it as a hate crime.