Friday Night Metro Ride Turns Bloody

Anti-Gay Attack In DC

DC-resident “Nathanial” had a shittastic Friday night. The DC-resident says a gang of “faggot” flinging men attacked him in a metro station, leaving him bruised, shaken and stirred.

DCist paraphrases the Fox News video:

As the doors closed at Metro Center, the group surrounded and beat Nathaniel, kicking him as he fell to the floor and yelling “faggot”.

Nathaniel managed to get off the train at the Smithsonian station, and he ran up to the station manager’s booth to report the incident. He said Metro Transit Police would not drop him off at his house, only to another Metro station.

He believes that the attackers targeted him for money and their realization that he’s gay “escalated their rage.”

Police refused to share surveillance footage with Fox. They’re obviously very concerned with finding these jack-offs.