Activist Recovering After Alleged Hate Crime

Anti-Gay Axe Attack?

A Swedish woman remains hospitalized after being hacked with an axe in an apparent hate crime. The woman – whose name has not been released – works with Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RSFL), the country’s premier gay rights organization. Police apprehended the ax-wielding suspect about fifteen minutes later and are currently questioning his motives. RSFL member Sören Andersson offers his own theories:

It’s obvious that this can’t be anything other than a hate crime directed at our organization.

This clearly shows that the work done to counteract hate crimes has not been sufficient. More needs to be done. It is dreadful, really dreadful, when staff cannot feel safe at work.

This wouldn’t be the first time RSFL has been targeted by homo-haters. In April, a judge sentenced 23-year old Neo-Nazi Simon Lindberg to three months in prison after Lindberg and a friend raided RSFL HQ and assaulted activists.

Luckily the victim of this most recent attack suffered no serious injuries. Still, the incident shows that Sweden, where state church officials have approved gay marriage, may not be as peaceful as people may believe…