Anti-Gay Carolers Pop Squat At Target

Holiday shopping turned ugly for some Sacramento shoppers.

Christmas caroling anti-gay activists planted themselves in front of a Target to protest California’s new queer-inclusive education laws.

Target officials put up “no loitering” signs to dissuade the activists, who were also singing Christmas carols, but cops say they can stay. From the local NBC affiliate:

Officials said that the carolers said that they were peacefully protesting a new California law that prohibits discriminating against gays in school curriculum.

The store put out a no-loitering sign and called the police, but officials said the carolers were allowed to stay, as they hadn’t broken any laws.

While some shoppers supported the tone deaf group’s right to protest, most found them distasteful. Said one young woman, “It’s unpleasant, because it’s not the time of year to be doing that.”

Yeah, such antics are best left for Halloween.