Anti-Gay Cashier Sacked For Refusing Lesbians Service

Stephanie Perez and Sandra Rodrigues just wanted some juice. They got some haterade, instead.

The Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts couple were having an August stroll when they popped into Tedeschi’s Food Shop for a bevvie. After making their selection, the ladies headed to the cashier. Unfortunately for them, they chose the wrong lane.

While waiting their turn, Rodrigues wrapped her arms around Perez and they swayed to the music. The cashier apparently didn’t appreciate their lesbian rhythms, because he told them to vacate.

Rodrigues recalls:

He pointed to us. He says, ‘You two, get out of the store. You’re acting as if you’re in a pornography film. I’m not going to service you.

Yeah, we’re sure they were heartbroken about that one.

Rodrigues tried to plead her case, but the cashier wasn’t having it:

I put the juice on the counter and he grabbed it and threw it off to the side and said, ‘Get out of the store. We’re not going to service you.’ … I continued hugging her and said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with this.’

The employee grew so irate, he even refused to let another customer buy the drink for the ladies.

Knowing their rights, Rodrigues and Perez filed a complaint with the store and gay rights groups. Apparently management’s more accepting than the man, because they reviewed the tape, got confirmation of the altercation and canned him straight away.