Anti-Gay Chilean Skinheads Strike Again

Chile’s Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom again found itself at the mercy of anti-gay skinheads this week.

The skinheads hacked into the gay rights group’s website, changed the weekly survey and left the following message, “We’re not neo-Nazis, but rather skinheads… We don’t support something that isn’t natural. Traditional skins are more manly than any Nazis.” Um, really, because we thought all haters were equally childish. Oh well.

The anti-gay group – who are calling themselves the Skins La Pinata – also sent a message to The Santiago Times:

First and last warning. We fight against dangerous scum: MOVILH. First the hacking, next the theft of (MOVILH’s) database. Now comes the best part. We’re going to turn everything on its head in the Plaza de Armas. Faggots dressed as women dancing in front of children are dangerous. They can kiss and fuck if they want to, but they shouldn’t confuse men for women.

So, basically, the skinheads aren’t against gays and their gay sex, but are against the resultant “confusion”? If that’s the case, the skinheads should campaign against stupid, easily confused people, not queers.

MOVILH head Rolando Jiménez insists he won’t let the technologically-advanced haters get him down:

During the dictatorship I was locked up, exiled. Despite all the power that the dictatorship wielded, I continued fighting for democracy. I certainly paid the price, with my time in prison and in exile. But a group of skinheads? They’re not going to intimidate us.

That’s the spirit, Rolando!!