Anti-Gay Cop Blasts LAPD With Lawsuit

Sergeant Eric Holyfield’s launching a holy war on the Los Angeles Police Department! The copper accuses the department of discriminating against his religious beliefs after using a friend’s funeral to preach against the gays:

In a fall 2006 eulogy delivered at a fellow officer’s funeral, Sgt. Eric Holyfield, who also is a pastor, said homosexual acts were “sinful” and an “abomination” and would lead to condemnation in hell, or the “lake of fire,” if one did not repent, according to a lawsuit he filed June 19 in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

After those comments, LAPD passed him up for promotions and pay raises in retaliation, Holyfield alleges in the suit, saying that he was discriminated against for his religion and that his 1st Amendment rights were violated.

Hmm, we’re not sure where we stand on this. Sure, Holyfield’s a private citizen, but do we really want a hate-monger on the police force – with a gun? Not especially. Meanwhile, why use a friend’s funeral for such anti-gay propaganda. If nothing else, this guy’s guilty of being gauche.