Anti-Gay Divas: The Fabulous Women We Love To Hate

Ann Coulter

Diva Cred:

Politics and bat-shit-craziness aside, Ann Coulter is pretty hot. Would you believe she’ll be turning 52 later this year? She’s certainly not too old to spend a roaring night at a gay bar.

A best-selling author with over three million books sold, and a regular commentator on various television and news radio shows, there’s no denying Ms. Coulter’s charisma. Not to mention everyone knows gays love a strong career woman. Sure, she’s made some questionable fashion choices along the way (i.e. slinky cocktail dresses on morning news programs? Did she go right from the club to the studio?), but who hasn’t committed the occasional fashion faux pas?

In his memoir Blinded By The Right, journalist David Brock, a former conservative, dished about dragging the drunken Coulter from one gay bar to another, where they proceeded to pound back shots and scope about the cute guys. Now that’s the kind of behavior we expect from a diva.

Anti-Gay Cred:

Despite claiming to have many gay friends, Coulter is a vehement opponent of same-sex marriage and civil unions. In 2012 she said, “It’s genuinely a pro-marriage position to oppose gay marriage.” She was also against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and in 2011 she went on the reality show A List Dallas and told her gay friend: “The gays have got to be pro-life… As soon as they find the gay gene, guess who the liberal yuppies are gonna start aborting?” If that wasn’t bad enough, last October, she proposed National Coming Out Day be followed by National “Disown Your Son Day.”

So, of course, the gay Republicans have embraced her. We, however, have not.

She is an anomaly that we can’t quite figure out. So fabulous, yet so, so — well — just plain wrong.

Photo credit: David Shankbone.

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  • Tammie

    Am I missing something by viewing this on iPad because I can’t see any names of who is in the pictures. Yes, I do recognize several, but there are some I don’t!

  • Tammie

    LOL, never mind, the page looked like it was completely loaded, but the Facebook browser for iPad was stuck!

    As far as Divas we love to hate, when I first came out, I would listen to Dr. Laura Schlessenger’s radio show if I was “hormonal” or otherwise upset. I would get so angry that it would keep me from crying. I’d say she is a Diva!

  • Polaro

    Just hate.

  • Cam

    Queerty said “She’s beautiful, preferably over the age of 40, smart, career-oriented, and has a great sense of personal style.”


    I have a few issues, while nobody could deny that Ann Coulter is smart, manipulative and cynical but smart, I take issue with trying to present Palin as Smart. The staff from the campaign said that not only did she think Africa was a country but that she couldn’t be taught anything. She attacked Katie Couric for asking her a “Gotcha” question when the question was simply “Where do you get your news?” a simple question anybody could answer.
    Michelle Bachman has been caught telling complete lies about history, the constitution, the govt. over and over and obviously is completely unaware of actual past events.

    I would have a difficult time calling either of these two smart and wonder why they deserve the label?

  • ouragannyc

    Doesn’t Coulter pretend she has gay friends and she knows what’s best for them, and it’s not marriage equality.

  • 2eo

    Why is it good people get cancer while these vermin live centuries past their welcome.

  • muscl954

    There’s NOTHING fabulous about these bitches!

  • Ajai

    Why is a gay website trivializing gay rights and glorifying antigay bigotry?

  • Texasteacher

    Okay, look at these pictures. What can we all learn? DON’T let people take a picture of you eating a corn dog…ever (especially if you’re running for a political office!) No hats and no corn dogs!

  • Kangol

    And to think people always want to dump homophobia, heterosexism and anti-gay hate at the doorstep of black people, poor whites, latinos, etc., when these upper-class white women foment so much hatred against gay people and make money for doing so. They are each a walking horrorshow.

  • LaTeesha

    I am not surprised that a website that supports Stoli would post this nonsense.

  • 2eo

    @Ajai: You seen the other post, Queerty are receiving fuckloads of money from Stoli and other Russian companies to make light of the situation over there.

    This is nothing, wait until you see the Pro-Mormon posts that do the rounds near every LGBT legal decision.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Did any of these women use the word “hate” against us? No. And yet the title of this article is “The fabulous women we love to hate.” So who’re the real haters here?
    Sigh. Yet another attempt to paint a vile picture of those who don’t vociferously defend gay issues.

  • Nixter

    @BJ McFrisky: Yes, BJ, they “HATE” us by expressing their disapproval of homosexuality and try to influence public opinion in hopes to makes the law against us. How do you not see that?!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    BJ McFrisky, Your parents really did a number on you. I sometimes wonder if you are a made-up Queerty staff member, attempting to milk the commenters for more posts. It’s sick that you can be gay and not see that these women are not our friends. They would rather see us relegated to second class status legally, in jail, or forced to be cured. you have been so hosed!

  • Sweet Boy

    All of them are curiously blond….it makes me wonder

  • stadacona

    Love Coulter. And she is absolutely correct about liberals aborting gay foetuses given the first opportunity.

  • nf0603

    I am surprised Bachmann’s handlers haven’t told her that being a fag hag and supporting of gay rights would make her more popular. Seriously, she wonders why we don’t like her when she cries the second after DOMA is turned down, as opposed to Cher and Gaga who took to Pride events as a result. A diva without her gays is sad. How quickly they forget that there’s a reason why Anita Bryant isn’t a gay icon and doesn’t have the adoration of multiple generations of gays like Babs, Liza, Cher and other eldergay icons who have managed to last generations… because Anita treated her gays like garbage, and she got her just desserts for spitting on the audience who made her a star.

  • LeNair Xavier

    THIS is why everytime I try to give gay media a chance, they screw it up.

    For how shallow must you be to equate BIGOTS such as these with being beautiful, smart, having a great sense of personal style. For if they were truly any of those things, they would NOT be bigots. Saying they “initially appear beautiful” is a better description. But saying that they “are beautiful” is just plain SHALLOW. For their souls make them all HAGS.

  • Lee

    Why are we giving these people any media attention at all?

  • Gordon

    I wouldnt walk any of these xuntz anywhere! Get with it Queerty! Why give these haters even a line of in your post? Makes no sense to me!

  • Palto

    @stadacona: I think you mean republicans aborting gay fetuses. Are you gay?

  • Jerry12

    @Sweet Boy: I believe that their brains have been effected by the chemicals they put on their heads to color their hair Blond.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @1EqualityUSA: Never claimed I thought them to be friends . . . but where does the “hate” part come into play? You seem to believe that anyone who doesn’t embrace gay marriage or make an “It Gets Better” video is our mortal enemy that must be quashed. Not so. It’s called having a difference in opinion. If you feel that the Sarah Palins of the world shouldn’t have rights or be taken seriously, then it’s her right to feel the same about you.
    On another note, why does Queerty post articles about straight people being in our corner only if said straight person is super-hot? Seems a bit biased. Show us a gaggle of fat gals who promote our cause, you’d get more cred.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If their “opinions” result in oppression or changes in civil laws that discriminate, they are my enemies.

  • pauleky

    @BJ McFrisky: Ignorance breeds hate, and these alleged divas are certainly that. Have you actually listened to Ann Coulter? Not sure there’s a more hateful person in existence. I would agree that using the word hate in this headline was ill-advised. I don’t hate these people – I just pity them. However, I am also infuriated that they have influence through which they oppress gay people. Odd that you don’t seem to be.

  • Joincny

    I can’t believe Queerty would post this article. You’re idolizing woman who are against your rights? Wtf?

  • tjr101

    Here we go again with Blow Job McFrisky attempting to defend the indefensible in society. Hey BJ, your conservative “friends” detest your very existence!

  • LadyL

    @Cam: They don’t, but they “look” the part, which is all the GOP and even the MSM care about. It’s the hair, the cheekbones, the legs–that’s why they “matter,” especially to low-information voters who like having their ignorance and bigotry validated by Right-Wing Barbie.

  • rimbutt

    Notice, that most of them are “BLONDE”? All of them are ditzes and pales shadows of
    the gay bashing bitch of bitches, Anita Bryant.
    And one of them, that Calista Gingrich “thing”, she’s all Botox and looks like one of the Stepford Wives on speed or crack.

    Somehow, they all strike me as very little qualified to even have an opinion. And quite a few of them sound like unserviced spinsters, so their opinion seems unduly biased…

  • Gordon

    “Unserviced Spinsters!” I love that! Bravo!

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky: said…

    “Did any of these women use the word “hate” against us? No. And yet the title of this article is “The fabulous women we love to hate.” So who’re the real haters here?”

    BJ at this point you’re just embarrassing yourself. Lets see, they oppose civil rights for gays, but smile while they do it, so of course they’re MUCH better then somebody who says they hate them.

    What a shock, you support anti-gay bigots who seek to do gays harm…just as you always do.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    I don’t know why Ann Coulter (Coultergeist) rates the way she does with you. She is such a notorious chain smoker that she telegraphs her arrival five minutes ahead of time with a stench of stale tobacco. Her hair color comes out of the nearest bottle of bleach. That’s what you call fine?

    Then there is Michelle Bachmann. Two words, helter skelter. If the eyes are the window of the soul, her’s is seriously askew. Besides, she’s a lame duck.

    Finally, Cindy McCain. Give her some slack on the backtrack, it probably came as the result of one of her husband’s political apparatchik’s having a thought. It is very dangerous when apparatchiks try to think.

  • Geoff B

    While I can’t say I would want to hang out with any of these women, I would say Cindy McCain and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are way less odious than Bachmann or Palin. At least the first two (and maybe Ingram) have evolved somewhat which is like a lot of people over the last couple decades.

  • balehead

    Hating men (gay or straight) doesn’t make you smart Queerty….just Misandric…

  • ouragannyc

    @Ajai: This is the same website that always calls the young anti-equality shirtless French HOT.
    They always delete my post when I remind them not to call bigoted people HOT.

  • ouragannyc

    @LaTeesha: CNN said Stoli was not Russion. It’s Finnish. Stoli’s owner fled Russia about 5 years ago. Putin wants him dead.

  • Cam


    So now we’ve been told that Stoli is Latvian, Finnish, and there is another Stoli that IS Russian that will be distributed in Europe.

  • jmmartin

    Gee thanks, I just threw up.

  • jmmartin

    @ouragannyc: Aha! Coultergeist DID have a gay friend, David Brock, and in fact, he discussed her at some length in his book on “The Republican Noise Machine.” He also reported that Matt Drudge came on to him. Brock was a closeted gay operative for the Repubs and penned a deceitful, scathing attack on Anita Hill, who almost got Clarence Thomas voted out of the running for the SCOTUS; that is, until some speech writer came up with the phrase, “High Tech Lynching.” (You remember Hill, don’t you, the Justice Department employee who was harassed repeatedly by the horny associate justice back when they were attorneys for the A.G. She later recalled how Clarence would come into the snack bar at the A.G.’s offices and ask her if she knew “who put that pubic hair on my Coke can?”)

    Brock came out when he wrote “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative,” a tell-all about other right wing ops he had known and come to despise. He had “dates” with Coulter, drinking wine with her, exchanging titbits of info and commiserating. She was a nobody then, but sucking up to the powers that be in the Republican Party. Brock was asked to write a book similar to the Hill expose’ about Hillary Clinton. He investigated it thoroughly and turned in a manuscript that sorely disappointed his publisher, who only wanted a hatchet job. He explained that, try as he might, he simply could not obtain any meaningful dirt on Secretary Clinton. Brock and friends now run a site called Media Matters, dedicated to exposing the lies told on Fox News and by conservative politicians with axes to grind. The right now hates him, of course.

  • Marc

    Hate does not make you fabulous and smart. This article would have been much more interesting if it had been about women that do NOT hate us and work against us. Excuse the phrase, but this is just messed up!

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