Homo-Politico, Prime Minister Take On Fascists

Anti-Gay Gag Gets Hungarian Radio Hosts Fired

“I cannot be intimidated,” said gay Hungarian State Secretary Gabor Szetey after two radio hosts posted a picture of him dressed like an Auschwitz nazi. The shock jocks apparently thought it funny, but weren’t laughing after the station’s owners sacked them.

A Hungarian radio station on Wednesday fired two staff members after a gay government official was depicted on its Web site standing outside the Auschwitz concentration camp wearing a pink triangle, the symbol used by the Nazis to label homosexual men.

The owners and managers of Lanchid Radio condemn what happened and apologize to State Secretary Gabor Szetey and to everyone who was offended by the picture in question,” the radio station said in a statement.

The imagery’s especially startling considering the founding of a new anti-gay, fascist paramilitary.

Addressing the Szetey shenanigans, Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany warned his people: “Fascists are gathering. They aren’t knocking on doors but are here among us.”