Anti-Gay Group Compares Adultery To Homosexuality, Uses Child To Perpetuate Hate

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 6.45.17 PMBigoted hate group Faith2Action made an incredibly low-budge YouTube video comparing homosexuality to adultery this week, and just as you’d suspect, none of it makes sense.

For a group of people that adamantly hate the LGBT community, they sure know how to make a video look super-gay. Also, who taught the drag queen on the far right to do her makeup? Homegirl is busted!

To make matters worse, they’ve employed a child to hold a sign that reads “Kids for Adultery”. He looks incredibly bored with the whole situation, and will most likely resent these people someday.

Over it.

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  • Charles

    This video is stupid. Besides, America’s obesity problem shouldn’t be debating whether homosexuality is wrong or right.

  • iBLOW

    The guy in the video seems EXTREMELY gay.

  • Ruhlmann

    I love you, and here have a cheesecake.

  • lab

    all I noticed was the mustard stains


    WTF white fucking Christian, are doing in the USA anyway?. AdamHomo

  • Harley

    The collective American IQ just dropped 100 points. Sad. Here. Have another corn dog.

  • MK Ultra

    The logic of the anti-gay homophobe at work;
    1) Comparing 2 unlike things, like gay marriage and adultry:
    “An apple is a car”.

    2)When asked to give context in which these 2 are similar:
    “An apple is a car because they both grow on trees”.

    3) When comparing two of the same things, like gay and straight marriage:
    “An apple is not an apple because it is a car”.

    There you have it; You can’t rationalize people out of what they never rationalized themselves into to begin with.

  • dnyboy

    I don’t know if I should laugh at the stupidy or…

  • heatstroke1981

    And a star is born! You know that guy was totally getting off on being the center of the adulterous scenerio. “Not since I had my last Mustard Sammy have I had this much funs!”

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