Are They In A Time Warp?

Anti-Gay Group Condemns NH Civil Unions
In a matter of hours New Hampshire will allow legal civil unions for their queer citizens. It’s a jump the left, so you know some folk are going to wish for a step to the right. That’s why The Civic Christian League of Maine took this historic development to release the following statement:

With New Hampshire’s enactment of its homosexual civil unions law, Maine becomes one of only two remaining New England states to not formally allow this deviant behavior.

The Christian Civic League of Maine supports the Biblical precept that all sex outside of traditional marriage, including homosexual behavior, is sin. The celebration of this sin as seen in the events of January 1st in New Hampshire is wrong.

As it has for over 110 years, the League will continue to oppose homosexual civil unions, and preserve marriage in Maine as between one man and one woman only, so help us God.

Alright, the concept of homosexuality has existed since 1869, when novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny used the term in an anonymous German pamphlet. The gay rights movement didn’t get off the ground until about a century later. We can’t help but wonder, then, how The Christian Civic League of Maine has been fighting civil unions since 1897. It’s especially confusing because the first civil union laws went in effect in Denmark in 1989, way less than 110 years ago.

Regardless of their dubious historical understanding, the CCLM certainly know how to rain on a parade.