Anti-Gay Group Does “Harlem Shake” In Support Of Jamaica’s Buggery Law

A group of Jamaicans calling themselves the Love March Movement posted a Harlem Shake video on YouTube to encourage lawmakers to keep the country’s “buggery law,” which lays down a 10-year prison sentence for male homosexual acts. (Oddly, sexual acts between women are legal in the Caribbean nation.)

With the ubiquitous song playing in the background, masked members gyrate and hold signs referencing pedophilia, bestiality, freedom of religion and gay marriage.

In a statement on YouTube, Love March president Daniel Thomas wrote:

The Love March Movement is dedicated to being a persistent voice in the Jamaican media for sexual purity.

If you are in agreement with the message above please, that the buggery law should be kept, and you are Jamaican and over 18 years old, please contact us so that you can sign the Petition to the Prime Minister. Please contact us at [email protected]

The Buggery Law is important for protecting our country from several undesirable outcomes:

1. The Buggery Law guides the educational institutions of our nation. It is the law preventing children of all ages from being taught that homosexuality is normal behaviour; this being a serious concern especially for parents that disagree. In nations like Canada such classes are mandatory and parents have been told that they cannot remove their children from them.

2. It naturally follows that eventually, just like how we have Inter-School’s Christian Fellowship (ISCF) in high schools, that we would possibe have a Lesbian-Gay-Bisexua-Transgender-Fellowsh­ip in the schools.

3. Pedophilia — is a concern because scientists have presented to the government in Canada that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation. The train of thought is that just as the homosexuals have argued saying “I can’t control my feelings for.. men.. it is natural”… in the same way Pedophile have the same “natural attractions”.

4. Zoophilia — this is where one expresses sexual desire for animals. The law serves to declare to society what behaviour is acceptable. The buggery law also criminalizes anal sex between a man and an animal. Repealing it would actually be saying that this behviour is acceptable. Additionally, in the States there has been a legal defense for a man that has had sex with his donkey, again on the basis that “”I can’t control my feelings for.. my donkey.. it is natural”. This is the reality of the world we live in.

5. Loss of Freedom of Speech — In Canada Dr. Kris Kepling was sued for writing to the newspaper saying that he doesn’t think that homosexual material should be included in schools. He was fined Canadian $10,000. Even more recently, a pro-family activist has been charged for hate speech, because he was distributing a flyer that spoke vehemently about homosexuality. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that where the act (anal sex), was characteristic of the group (homosexuals) then speaking against the behaviour is equivalent to speaking against the vulnerable group. He was ordered to pay court fees and a gay couple who were offended. This is the serious breakdown of democracy that is taking place at the hands of the homosexual agenda world-wide.

6. Loss of Freedom of Religion — In England, Lilian Lydale, a Christian marriage officer was fired because she refused to marry a gay couple, on the basis of her religious beliefs. She even offered to have a co-worker fill the shift for her, but she was turned down. The court ruled that she did not have that right to decline the clients,a nd that she should lose her job.

7. Gay Marriage — This would cause serious damage to the family structure and is of serious concern. Though down the line, we can see easily that this is on the road of the repeal of the Buggery Law. Gays in France understand how destructive this is, and have their own campaign against gay marriage.

All in all, we are protecting the nation from death and destruction, the fruits of the secularist, homosexual agenda.

Great Defender, may you protect us and our children, and our children’s children.

Love and Honour!

Daniel Thomas
President, Love March Movement

We were over this song before these idiots did their version—now we just want to trap them in an elevator with it blasting on repeat for, like,  16 hours.

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  • 2eo

    With any luck most of them will be murdered soon anyway.

  • LaTeesha

    Jamaica is a craphole. Why would anybody visit the place? I had to travel there for a work assignment. It was one of the dirtiest places I’ve ever been. Nasty.

  • Brandon

    I like how queer blogs will post about various people of color who make or do homophobic things, but never show the folks that are strong supporters. Also, homophobia is a Western import. We only have colonialization to thank for how people of color in other countries view other minority groups.

  • Brandon

    @LaTeesha: I think you just answered your own question.

  • monroeplace

    This is such a revolting video and the people who took part in the Harlem Shake looked like animals and probably high.
    If the Buggery Law is what the people of Jamaica want then let them have it but under no circumstances should people especially US citizens should visit this tropical hell hole.
    The whole Buggery Law is based on superstition and stupidity.

  • LaTeesha

    @Brandon: I understand if someone has the misfortune to be forced to visit that craphole, better known as Jamaica, because of work. I don’t understand people who voluntarily decided to vacation in the murder capital of the world. That place is Nass-Tee.

  • Martin

    Very sad sick people,Considering this country is filled with, Rape,Murder,Robbery,Child abuse,War,Sex outside of marriage and disease,their culture is hardly free from sin,But in their ignorance they can’t see their hypocrisy,very sad indeed,No wonder no one wants to live there, and so many of their country and it’s residents keep trying to leave and get into the Usa,Uk, and other countries that have equality laws,very odd behavior indeed.

  • ait10101

    @Brandon: Brandon, I have seen several people of colour supporting gay marriage reported on Queerty in the last couple of weeks. Also, I would note that all of Jamaica is a western import. All the indigeous people are long gone (Arawak speaking). I don’t know how you say that homophobia is a western import in any case. There are lots of Zulus in the province I live in who say otherwise. Are you saying that they don’t know their own culture?

    Also, Jamaica is not the murder capital of the world. Honduras has that honour, with Jamaica number four and Venezuala quickly coming up on it. The US Virgin Islands is a couple behind that.

  • Stache1

    “the Love March Movement”. Oh the irony in that. This video sure highlights what a bunch of ignorant animals they are. No need to hear them now or ever. I bet these thugs carry guns too.

  • Stache1

    None of this surprises me though. All you’d have to do is tell me what kind of people are on that Island and I’d tell you what kind of BS you can expect. Extreme poverty and violence mixed with very superstitious voo doo BS and you one effing dangerous place. Gays always make a great scapegoat to put the blame on.

  • jackpapa

    Is there really any reason NOT to boycott Jamaica?

  • Akod69

    What a bunch of sad people. As if they really have and know what morality is all about. Being gay is unnatural?!?!?… What do humans actually know and understand what natural and nature are all about?!?!… So sick, this disgust me… Self-righteous mind and attitude/behaviour do make me sick!!!!

  • alterego1980

    as I’m reading their manifesto, I realize that they have just rehashed every old fear-based excuse ever used in the church against the gays and put them together in one document. It’s a good synopsis of how their faith has made them manipulators and/or willfully ignorant. I hope for Jamaica’s sake, that smarter heads prevail.

  • cghmid

    I lived in Jamaica and, as a gay man, I can honestly say that this country is the epitome of hypocracy. I have seen police officers in Kingston beating openly gay men only to later be seen themselves at underground gay clubs. I was approached by men for sex more times than I can count in bars, clubs and on beaches. The “family values” this country attempts to preserve include widespread family rape, an incredibly high crime rate, drugs and a terribly corrupt government. Evidently, it’s ok to rape your daughter at 12 years of age, but by god, you better not engage in any “unnatural” sex acts. Go ahead and push drugs, but you better not show affection to a person of the same sex. While in office it is evidently ok to embezzle from your government, attend gay sex parties at night but then pass anti-gay laws during the day-time. Having lived there and seen all the men on the “DL” it absolutely infuriates me to read this type of bullshit.

    I have some dear friends who live openly as a same-sex couple and they received several death threats because of Jamaica’s hate-driven culture. There must be a reason that more people who identify as Jamaican live outside the country rather than in the country.

  • Thefourthdimensional

    @LaTeesha: It depends on where you go, I live in a perfectly nice neighbourhood, no violence, everybody gets along, I have a homosexual neighbour and nobody treats them different. And you have the resorts and stuff up in Ocho Rios and Negril and Montego Bay. But you do have the horrible places like downtown(never go downtown unless you have to, that place is terrible), you don’t go to somewhere to visit the slums, there are alot of places that are generally pleasant to be at.

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