Anti-Gay Group Flies “Not Born This Way” Banner Over Lady Gaga Concert

When Lady Gaga kicked off the North America leg of her Born This Way Ball tour in Tacoma Washington, on Monday, an anti-gay group shelled out $1,900 for its own special greeting: A banner reading “Not born this way” that was flown over the official tailgate party outside the Tacoma Dome.
The group responsible, the Florida Family Association, says it was specifically targeting the Born Brave Bus Tour, a space set up before the show for 13- to 25-year-olds to find resources on anti-bullying, suicide prevention and mental-health services. The bus is staffed by members of the Trevor Project, Campus Pride and the National Association of School Psychologists.
On its website, the FFA called Lady Gaga part of a “campaign to persuade kids to accept the homosexual lifestyle”:

lady gaga

The fact that someone these kids do not know spent significant resources to fly a plane to tell them they are NOT born that way will prayerfully speak to their souls.

Florida Family Association would like to fly more banners to counter Gaga’s hedonistic, Godless message at moreconcerts. You can click here to see the schedule… The goal is not to fly banners at every concert but at enough concerts to make a difference.

“It’s disheartening, but it’s their right,” concertgoer Brittney Blankenship told The Bellingham Herald of the stunt“As much as we want to have this pride, they have the right to feel how they do too.”

In June, the FFA flew a banner over Disney World that warned visitors about the park’s annual unofficial “gay day.”

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  • Charli Girl

    FFA… You have 2choices…I-75south or I-95south!!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    It will add a high-flying element to our future documentaries detailing how we were treated, before having won equality. The more unpleasant they become, the better our story will be. Please pass the formaldehyde,

  • Dionte

    They can try but they won’t stop our healing.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Great for anti-gay groups to admit they aren’t born that way. Anti-gay groups weren’t born hating – they had to be carefully taught by emotionally and sexually abusive parents and “religious” leaders who passed their prejudice and bigotry onto others. With therapy, anti-gay groups can learn to actually become Christian one day and be non-judgmental, and accept and love others unconditionally.

  • Kini

    The Nazi’s invaded Europe contrary to what many believe: that the Jews killed Jesus. But it was because the Jews did not obey Him. He hated the Nephilim: the Amorites, Rephaim, Emim, Enites, Rechabites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Girgashites, Jebusites, Horim, Zamzummim, Avim, Gilgamesh, Philistines, Ammonites. Some more than others. But He really hated the Anaks. G-d told the Jews to kill them but the Jews felt sorry for them. Thus, G-d said:

    In Numbers 33:55:
    “But if you fail to drive out the people who live in the land, those who remain will be like splinters in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will harass you in the land where you live.”

    Also see Judges 2:3, Joshua 23:13 It’s not about sexuality at all. It’s about finding some minority to pick on and cause grief!

  • Randal Oulton

    Imagine hating a group of people that much to do this.

  • David Williams

    Homophobia = You were not born this way!

  • D9W

    Looks to me that they were Born Again Bigots.

    Here something @Kini :
    Jesus Christ commanded his followers to love their neighbor as he loved them- That’s New Testament as in John 13:34. If you want to follow the Old Testament Don’t call yourself a follower of Christ- aka Christian. Even ST Paul said: Live by the Old Testament Law, die by the Old Testament law – to paraphrase Romans 7:4 or you can try Galatians 2:19.

  • tjr101

    What a waste of jet fuel.

  • Billysees

    @D9W: 8

    Interesting comment with merit.

  • Billysees

    @Daniel-Reader: 4

    Well said if you eliminate the two words ….. by emotionally “and sexually” abusive parents …..

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