Anti-Gay Initiatives Stalled In Oregon

Oregonian social conservatives are none-too-happy this morning. A coalition of anti-gay activists admitted that they failed to garner enough to get two anti-gay initiatives on this November’s ballot.

Organizers conceded Monday that their initiatives to repeal two Oregon gay rights laws will not make the November ballot.

They are targeting two laws passed by the 2007 Legislature. One law banned discrimination against gays in work, housing and public places such as restaurants.

The other created domestic partnerships, civil union-like contracts that give government recognition and most of the state benefits and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples.

Basic Rights Oregon, the state’s largest gay rights group, challenged ballot titles for the initiatives in April and May with petitions to the Oregon Supreme Court.

The court has yet to rule, and until it does, initiative supporters cannot collect signatures. With the July 3 deadline less than three weeks away, initiative supporters concede they will not have time to collect the 82,769 signatures they need for each initiative.

Still, the right wingers insist they’ll meet their mark before the end of days.