Justice Minister Looking Into Offensive Repeat Offender

Anti-Gay Judge Getting Probed

Spanish Judge Fernando Ferrin has a history of anti-gay judgments. In addition to ruling that a lesbian mother either give up her children or women, Ferrin also attempted to block a lesbian adoption case, according to IHT. What’s more, Ferrin causes a stink in 1986 after he had two women arrested for topless tanning, which happens to be legal in Spain.

In light of Ferrin’s most recent ruling – during which Ferrin suggested the lesbian mother would turn her children gay – Minister of Justice Mariano Fernández Bermejo (pictured) and his judicial crew have launched a probe into Ferrin’s fishy politics. Bermejo told press that Ferrin can believe whatever he wants, but he must not use his powers to “defend opinions which fall outside the principles of the Constitution”.

Spain’s one of the most liberal countries in the world, a liberalism at which Ferrin took aim in his anti-gay ruling, telling an astonished crowd that pro-gay laws were a “mistake by the parliament controlled by the ruling party”.

As for the lesbian and her children – they’re still living together. No word on whether the children have gone gay.