Gives Up "Holy War"

Anti-Gay Law Student Rests His Case

Law student Stephen Dunne’s both a loser and a quitter. The would-be barrister filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Massachusetts earlier this summer, alleging that a “gay marriage” question on the bar exam violated his religious and first amendment rights. He refused to answer that question and flunked the test.

“My dream is to become a Lawyer, but I cannot defile my Christian faith simply to pass an examination,” 30-year old Dunne wrote in reaction to the question in question. Dunne’s mission attracted national attention, but hit a snag when Dunne realized he doesn’t have the dough to fund a federal fight.

Thus, Dunne started raising money to fuel his infuriatingly idiotic case. He either didn’t raise enough or mustered some dignity, because Dunne’s now dropped the lawsuit.

The contentious question read thus:

Yesterday, Jane got drunk and hit (her spouse) Mary with a baseball bat, breaking Mary’s leg, when she learned that Mary was having an affair with Lisa. As a result, Mary decided to end her marriage with Jane in order to live in her house with (children) Philip (and) Charles and Lisa. What are the rights of Mary and Jane?

Massachusetts sticks to their story: the inquiries completely legal and, quite frankly, a head scratcher…