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Anti-Gay Laws Lead to Higher HIV Rates, And 4 Other Studies Leading to Fake Conclusions

On Monday, the UN AIDS agency released a study claiming “HIV infections are increasing among homosexuals” in countries that have laws criminalizing homosexuality (like China, Kenya and Malawi). And while we’re all for exposing how anti-gay laws harm everyone, the UN study didn’t acknowledge that there have also been HIV increases in countries like Thailand which have become more gay-friendly over the last decade. Though well-intentioned, the UN report was incomplete and incorrect, and can lead lazy reporters and bloggers (like us!) to jump to incorrect conclusions, like how criminalizing homosexuality automatically leads to increased HIV rates. While it may play a role in the larger picture, you can’t hop directly from A to B here. It was just one of five recent ghey studies that allowed some ridiculous conclusion jumping.

The UN/AIDS study focused on at-risk groups in anti-gay countries. We get that. And we’re not saying these studies shouldn’t be conducted; they should. But correlation doesn’t equal causation, and journalists should question data and methodology before repeating faulty conclusions about current research. That being said, check out which four other erroneous studies made us twitch in disapproval. Which this website has reported on.