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Anti-Gay Laws Lead to Higher HIV Rates, And 4 Other Studies Leading to Fake Conclusions

Fifty Percent of Americans Would Accept a Gay President

While we believe that fifty percent of 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair‘s audience would be OK with an openly gay president, we find it impossible to believe that half of all Americans do. (Unless the election were held in Unicorn Dreamland, that is.)

You may be amazed to learn that we’ve probably already had a gay president, and it’s not Obama like some bigots believe. No, it’s 15th president James Buchanan who was “a lifelong bachelor” and very close with his lifelong companion, William Rufus King.

Buchanan may have been able to keep “Aunt Fancy” under the radar back in 1957 but he was most certainly not openly gay when he ran. Call us pessimistic, but an openly gay candidate today wouldn’t make it through the general election; he’d get crushed in the primaries for being too “outside the mainstream” and having low “electability”, especially with such divisive LGBT issues currently in play. Attitudes may be warming about LGBTs in public office, but the idea that half of America would elect a family member as the head of state is preposterous.