Anti-Gay Leader Blasts “Homofascist” Obama

We’re no longer surprised by the words that come out of right-wing leader Matt Barber’s mouth. He is, after all, the man who suggested social conservatives back gay sex because then we’ll infect each other with AIDS and die. Yeah, it was gross.

Barber’s latest tirade, however, may take the hyperbolic cake:

If Bill Clinton was the first black president, Barack Obama, if elected, will be the first “gay” president. No, I don’t mean he’ll personally decorate the West Wing, open a bathhouse in the Rose Garden or take up with Barney Frank. I mean he’ll be the most radically pro-homosexual, anti-family president in history.

He’s very quietly pledged as much to the homosexual “Human Rights Campaign” and other fawning members of his homofascist fan club.

And if you need more proof of Barber’s statements, look no further than this picture of Obama at gay pride. That’s totally him. He’s probably on some anti-straight crusade, or something…