Anti-Gay Magistrate’s Straight Talk Crazy

If there’s one thing we appreciate in a homophobe, it’s forthrightness. Best to know where people stand on the gays, rather than being surprised down the road.

Take, for example, embattled Welsh magistrate Byron Butler. He recently appeared on a BBC special, The Only Gay In The Village, on which gay pop star Ian Watkins asked Butler his opinion on the gays. So, Butler told him:

We haven’t got much time for them.

Well, I think probably it’s a suspicion of the mainstream that they perhaps will interfere with young people and so on and that’s historically been the case. That is the danger.

“Paedophiles, solidophiles [sic], not necessarily but they do, don’t they, that’s the reality.

And which reality would that be? Not one with which we’re familiar. We don’t even know what a “solidophile” could even be.

While we’re pondering Butler’s grasp on the here and now, a judicial advisory committee’s considering whether Butler should be forced to resign. Butler, the mensch, has “agreed” to sit on the sidelines while his peers decide his fate.

Butler hasn’t said much about the incident, although he did offer this: “You will print bad news, but you won’t print good news.” He then slammed the door in the reporter’s face.