Anti-Gay Marriage Obama Will Be in California the Day After Prop 8 Ruling

Well, well, well. Maybe we should keep those demonstrations going on for a second straight day? President Obama will be picking up $3 million for the DNC at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, the day after the California Supreme Court will decide the fate of Prop 8. (and no, that’s not the DNC’s GLBT fundraiser; Joe Biden, not Obama, is headlining that one.) [Petrelis]

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  • InExile

    Well, The Beverly Hilton is very close to West Hollywood so our President should have “LOTS” of people welcoming him to Los Angeles! Hopefully with lots of signs urging him to do something or at the very least say something!!! WeHO is good with things like high profile visitors, he should feel welcome.

  • edgyguy1426

    I think wherever he’s giving a speech, somoeone should follow him around in some sort of costume( like that guy dressed like a cigarette did to Bush -or was it McCain?) just to haunt him as a constant reminder that we’re getting impatient, and no more Mr. Nice Guy with the deep pockets and blank checks

  • Glenn

    I come to this site on a daily basis, mostly to look at pictures of hot guys, and I don’t get this site’s biased coverage of Barack Obama. The gay community wants what from him, a repeal of don’t ask don’t tell. Why is it so important that we get it immediately? As stupid and unreasonable as it is, Barack Obama and the democratic party will suffer a big backlash just like Bill Clinton, and at a time where we’re close to achieving things that matter to gay people in the U.S., such as climate change legislation, the reform of healthcare in the U.S., and immigration, why should Barack Obama sacrifice valuable political capital on issuing an executive decision overturning DADT before these objectives are kept? Wouldn’t he be better served overturning it at the end of his presidency, where the political backlash would only belong to him, rather than the entire democratic party? I already know people on this site will say things like, he made promises to the gay community, but he’s not the president for the gays, and it wasn’t gay people alone that voted him as president.

    With that said, Barack Obama’s a far greater president than the alternatives, even if his record on gay issues is neutral at best. Think what Ron Paul, John McCain, Bob Barr would have done for “our people”.

  • Flex

    We need to destroy religion! I hate religious zealots, and I hate the hypocrite proposition 8 supporters. We need to put their marriage rights up for a popular vote!

  • Dennis

    To the editors at Fox News…oops, I mean Queerty, hard to tell the difference sometimes…For the record, Obama was against Prop 8, remember?

    That said, time to make some noise…if the news is bad on Tues…I say it’s time for White Night 2, Electric Bugaloo…bust some shit up!

    If the news is good, it’s a party, everyone’s invited.

  • Elvis

    @Glenn: You know why I expect him to put my priorities first? Because for the first time in my life I am number !. I have lived almost 50 years and I am sick and fucking tired of other things being more important than my rights.
    Whats the big fucking rush for health care? Climate change? Why are these more important than gay rights? I would have loved you to have tried your bullshit on Martin Luther King Jr. Your one of those queens who think all there is to be gay is looking at nude photos and picking up men on line. Well for many of us there is a lot more to it than that. Just another self loathing, uncle Tom semi gay person.

  • BradK

    @Dennis: “Obama was against Prop 8, remember?”

    Which makes his hypocrisy all that much more apparent. It’s perfectly OK for The Messiah to come out AGAINST marriage equality (while somehow pretending to be all about “Hope” and “Yes We Can”), yet it’s NOT OK for the people of CA to express THIS VERY SAME VIEW at the ballot box?

    Talk about a fucking God complex. Get over yourself, Obama.

    We are.

  • SM

    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a Democratic party problem and so are other issues. I honestly think Obama is working on more than he says behind the scenes but will not be vocal until after Healthcare reform is passed. Healthcare is where Clinton failed and he caved to come up with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell too.

    Wednesday could be a perfect time to protest for Equality.I’m not so sure I would attack Obama though- especially since he supported No On Prop 8 and they did not use the letter from him in their campaign.

  • Glenn

    Are you legitimately saying your ability to buy into cultural traditions derived from an oppressive patrician society of the past is a bigger “fucking rush” than the ability for all americans to get health care and to heal our planet? How are you not being selfish? Just so you can get frivolous marriage rights, you’d compromise everybody else that would benefit from progressive reform. Because everything you argue for, you argue from a selfish place, you really have no right to co-opt the memory of Martin Luther King. Bringing up his example also shows your ignorance.

    Martin Luther King Jr. and President Lyndon Johnson met together frequently and negotiated a political timetable for passing the Equal Rights Acts ending segregation in the south. He pushed for civil rights reform, within a political framework – that means he accepted certain political realities: 1) that desegregation wouldn’t be universally popular and had to be timed well and 2) the american president is a busy man.

    By the way, kudos on calling me, a gay black man, an uncle tom. Let me go ahead and make the equally obnoxious assumption that you’re a white man that would never consider me your equal in a thousand years. Please let me know how a man of my race should act mas’sah.

  • SM


    It’s called knowing how to fight politics to WIN and Obama does.

    The gay community lashes out CONSTANTLY and they think they know it all in the fight for equality in the political arena…for knowing it all…you all sure do lose a lot of battles.

  • SM

    Since President Obama has taken office just a few months ago.

    The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act is on its way to the Senate.

    The State Department is about to establish benefits for same sex partners.

    Obama has put several gay people in positions in Washington DC.

    Several states have allowed gay marriage- that would have never happened if McCain had won.

  • Kevin (not that one)

    By no means continue to put pressure on your elected officials to do what they said they were going to do when they sought your vote. By no means remind them that you are still second-class citizens. Let them take their money in peace!

    Instead, trust that your leaders will make the right decision – because their decision is always in your best interests. For those of you within a reasonable driving distance of LA, please stay home and go online to vent your frustrations. How embarrassing to the Party you will be if you show up and demand that they honor their promises!

    Patience is a virtue.

  • SM

    @Kevin (not that one):

    Don’t give Obama a dime. But don’t say they Democrats have done nothing for you either.

    Hope you are this mad at the No On Prop 8 Campaign who did not use their letter from Obama in their campaign. It’s not like it could have been run in newspapers, flyers or anything.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Obama is not a King…and this is from someone who campaigned hard for No On Prop 8 in Yes Territory while the gay community never showed UP!

  • Chris_Yes that one

    OBAMA THIS &[email protected]*^ OBAMA THAT @#$%!







  • Paul

    @Chris_Yes that one: Stop fucking yelling ass wipe bitch unless you can say something worth reading.

  • Viktor

    Glenn, thank you. We need some folks with sense in here

  • InExile

    You people apologizing for BO are beyond belief! So let me get this right, you do not think you have waited long enough for your rights? You are all content to wait another 4-8 years for equal rights? What the hell is wrong with you people? Self hatred must be what is wrong with you!

    I happen to love myself and my friends and I want equal rights now, right now! I/We have waited long enough.

    West Hollywood will convey that message to BO, you can count on it!

  • InExile

    @SM: Mathew Shepard Act was started 10 years ago, no credit to Obama. Equal rights at state is because of Hillary, NOT Obama. The states passing marriage has absolutely nothing to do with Obama! And Prop 8 passing, Obama deserves full credit!

    What do you know about Obama’s efforts for gays that the rest of us do not know?

    Action talks, words are just that words.

  • wowjustwow

    @InExile: What the hell is wrong with you people? Self hatred must be what is wrong with you!

    Equal rights at state is because of Hillary, NOT Obama.

    Accusations of “self hatred” are especially rich coming from a Clinton sycophant who would, no doubt, have given her the benefit of the doubt time after time.

  • ProfessorVP

    Ditto, I would like to know what Obama is doing for us behind the scenes. I have my own guess. What’s the word for it… lemme see… oh, yes, now I remember the word. Nothing.

    If he is employing gays and lesbians, it’s no use to anybody unless they’re out. Janet Napolitano, for one. Hillary Clinton, for another.

    I am still consoling myself with the fact that Obama is better than McCain, which is like saying stubbing your toe on an anvil is better than having cancer.

  • Lee


    Mulitple BaCrack addicts are still on the loose. Identifiable by naked dishonesty and babbling hallucinations about some “Messiah” for whom they’ll do or say anthing. Armed with excuses, distortions of fact, and ad hominems. Rehab Prognosis: Poor. May be trying to get to BaCrack Davidian compound or Guyana.

  • Carlos

    @Glenn: Marriage isn’t important to you because it is not important to you race. In other cultures, marriage is very important.

  • a. mcewen

    It amazes and saddens me to see how quickly folks in our community lash out and how slowly we think things through. The man who cited the statistics about 21 percent of gays not voting was correct.

    And I have another – how many lgbts in the Castro voted? What do we do on a grassroots level? Do we get together, organize. register people to vote, or take part in local political caucues? Or do we formulate some bullshit intellectual opinion as a way of sidestepping our obligation to do these things?

    Saying “I want my rights” is not enough.

    Folks, there is nothing wrong with us pursuing our right but there has been an unfortunate high level of us turning on each other and ripping each other apart that reveals something about our community which we must confront if we are to take steps forward. We all want the same thing but there is nothing wrong with the differences in how we pursue our goals.

    Now about President Obama, I like him and support him. And the alternative is not good. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t press the issues in a manner that isn’t counterproductive. Remember that even President Kennedy had to be pushed about civil rights and the only reason why Johnson was so insistent in pushing them is because he wanted to honor Kennedy’s memory.

    But this shooting from the hip and mouth mode we do is outdated. Gone are the days of us being in Act Up and Queer Nation. We have more power than we did back then but we are so consumed with the transitory visibility and the street politics of long ago that we aren’t taking advantage of what we have now.

  • Jason

    Someone suggested that if Prop 8 stands “we bust some shit up”…that will certainly prove us to be unwilling to work within a system that we DO have support in for the first time in many years!! Busting shit up will only set us back…the question sent to the supreme court was NOT should gays be allowed to marry it was “did prop 8 get put on the ballot correctly and do the people have the right to vote on it or was the legislature suppose to. The second step after getting this back on the ballot should be a challenge to Prop 8 on its constitutionality. I believe if the correct question had been asked the correct answer would be received on Tuesday. I pray they find that the marriages that were performed before Prop 8 stand and if they don’t there should an immediate suit filed by all 18000 couples…..We will succeed and I’m no more patient than the next guy (gay) but I do believe if we as the people who are continually being taken advantage of we need to united instead of call each other names. The fact that every gay person in the Castro didn’t vote shows how out of touch some of us are AND then a badly ran campaign that hid the gays rather than put a face to them simply put us behind. Our cause is about education and we failed in that respect.

    I do believe we are (have) been scammed by Obama in the respect he suggested DADT was a priority and instead he continues to allow gay people to be discharged….He can’t change the law but he CAN put an executive order to discontinue the practice until it is reviewed. To suggest we should wait once again to protect the Democrats is crazy…do you not understand the quality of people who are being discharged? This was a Democratic mistake and they should fix it and fix it NOW….the country is sick of politics and fortunetly the Republicans are so stupid they can’t figure out the problems they caused but it could easily be the Democrats in the same boat if they refuse to grow some balls and do for this nation what the citizens are asking for and that was BIG CHANGE!!!

  • Glenn

    @Carlos: Carlos, you’re a racist if you think marriage is any less important to black people than to white or hispanic people. If you think that lowly of my race, why should Barack Obama, another pesky black man, think any better of you? If black america in your puny head is a world defined by a lack of respect for monogamous marriage, what on earth is the gay community?

  • InExile

    Wouldn’t it be nice if President Obama showed the leadership Meghan McCain has on gay marriage???????????????

    The time has come to grant gay and lesbian couples the right to marry, GOPer Meghan McCain wrote in an open letter to Republicans lawmakers in New York.

    McCain, daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain, has taken on the message of pushing fellow Republicans — and some New York Democrats — to stop denying rights to gays.

  • Steve

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the courthouse were to burn down Tuesday night. People who do not have equal protection of the law have no reason to respect the judges, and no need for court houses. If a judgment is handed down saying that gay people do not have the same rights as everyone else, some people will be angry. If the judgment goes the other way, some other people will be angry. Either way, that anger could easily break out in the form of a riot.

    I hope and pray that the justices have found a way to preserve equal protection. After all, Section 1 has not been amended. Equal protection requires that every protection that is given to anyone must be given to everyone. Conversely, it means that every protection that is denied to anyone must be denied to everyone. If same-sex marriages may not be recognized or valid, equal protection should require that opposite-sex marriages also must not be recognized or valid. Then everyone would be angry.

  • fitc

    @SM: So you’re saying you can see through walls too? Do you get paid for that? Barky worshippers usally only claim to be telepathic, they can see into Barky’s soul and they magically see mirages that he really loves gay people, just like the rest of the 70% of the African Americans that voted YES on hateful discrimintion on election day.

    Eff BO. Let him go bow to his muslim kings and spit on the gay tax paying swine in his own country.

    That little race baiting crybaby was moaning and groaning about Don Imus for “talking” but taking LGBTQ’s civil rights away from them isn’t quite as much of a problem for the little race baiter. Barky screams racism if you so much as sneeze. I’d like to take African American’s civil rights away and see how they f*cking like it. No more interacial marriage … and for that matter no more Hispanics, Asians or Caucian interacial marriages! There would be riots all over this country.

    Please bitches, wake the f*ck up, you sound dumber than you look right now. And gays are looking PRETTY F*CKING STUPID continuing to support Bigot Oblahblah.

  • wowjustwow


    Would you please get ahold of yourself? Seriously.

    Or, as an alternative, you can just go over to Hillaryis44. They would appreciate your clever “Bigot Oblahblah” jokes.

  • Kyle

    @fitc: It looks like what you’re fighting for are the rights of rich gay white men to be able to marry. One moment of being marginalized and you feel like you’ve suffered through the gravest injustice. As if you ever knew for a moment true discrimination.

  • InExile

    @BrianZ: Hillary has proven she is a true champion for equal rights for LGBT citizens. It is a shame our President is not as strong, he seems afraid to take a stand for what is right or maybe he just does not care????

  • fitc

    @wowjustwow: What is a hillary44 you jagoff? Bigot Oblarney names are abound. Wake up from your drunken stuper ya Obot, and you might hear the cackling all around you because EVERYONE IS LAUGHING AT YOU. Straights are laughing thier asses off at LGBT make reference to how DUMB the gay community is for supporting the BIGOT OBLARNEY.

    I tell those mofugs, I DON’T SUPPOT BIGOT OBLAHBLAH. I knew that porkchop was a BIGOT 2 years ago.

    The gay “community” does NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

    Keep your Bigot Obigot. He’s all your, puto.

  • fitc

    @Kyle: Obot stupidity is on display for everyone to laugh at. There is nothing that won’t make an Obot scream RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM!


    Go and tell your African American, Hispanic and Asian-Pan Asian and Caucasian straight friends we’re going to STOP INTERACIAL MARRIAGES.


    Wake up and smell the spit iyour face, ya Obot.

    All the dum-dums is the media like MSNBC are finally catching up to what we knew 2 years ago.

    Bailout Oblahblah is the continuation of George W.

    Hear the laughter?

    That’s all the straights laughing at you.

    They’re all laughing at the dum-dum gays with their signs ready. They yawn in your face then spit in it because you’re too STOOOOOOPID too know what they know about Barky’s treatment of you. You got your civil rights stripped from you and you eat horse feces out of Barky’s hand while he tells you it’s chocolate icecream, and you love it, ya slow retardent brain.

  • BrianZ

    @InExile: Well, I wouldn’t give Hillary an award just yet! :) But it is nice to see progress made where it has been promised. It serves as a nice counter-point to some others who revile anything Clinton.

  • Dan Cullinane

    um…do you have an alternative in mind? who in the political spectrum are you supporting who is better than obama? what are you encouraging people to do exactly? vote for who exactly?

    i’m a huge fan of both obama and clinton, because i really do care about health care, climate change, and ending the wars in afghanistan and iraq. i’m frustrated because none of those have become a reality, but also, occasionally pragmatic enough to recognize that obama has only been president for less than six months. so, i’m not quite ready to call him a liar.

    but for those of you who now officially despise him based on these six months, its a scant two years until the next election season is in full swing. heck, if its anything like last time, the election season could start next week! so, which specific democratic, republican, libertarian, green, or independent candidates are you suggesting people support if they believe that gays being allowed to kill iraqi’s alonside their husbands or wives (sorry…combining the issues for brevity)is the most important issue facing the world today?

    please don’t accuse me of being snarky, or an obama plant, or a self-hating homosexual, or a terrorist, or a martian, or ann coulter, or clay aiken, or a clay aiken impersonator…i’m actually interested to know what candidates the people who loathe obama are looking at to replace him.


  • fitc

    @Kyle: dear dum-dum … the gay community doesn’t only consist of white men … there are lesbians, bisexuals, trans, queer of all stripes and shapes.

    all the homophobes thought just like you and went into the voting booth and fantasized that they were voting against whites all across the board … as if voting for a half white guy is really voting for black man. voting for Barack Bush isn’t exactly the most radical thing to do. voting to strip gays of their civil rights because they imagine the white community as a WHITE wealthy community is pure HATE.

    someone needs to go and tell the UNITY PARTY they are a bunch of BIGOTS!

    I am going to lobby for NO MORE INTERACIAL OR INTERETHNIC MARRIAGE! All these breeders do is pollute my water and my air and my planet. They’re like monkey’s these breeders they can’t stop having babies. Most of their straight boys grow up to be rapists, muderers, or worse, bankers, and their girls grow up to me vacant sluts.

  • fitc

    @Dan Cullinane: just because you voted for Barack, or are feeling remorse or not … does not mean that people have to continue to live in a My Little Pony dream land. they’re delusional.

    straights laugh at LGBTQ for ever supporting Barky in the first place, and they are speechless that gays insist on supporting and defending him while to tells us directly to our faces who he is … BARACK DOES NOT PRETEND TO BE GAY POSITIVE … there is no fantasy to get lost in – the guy is in your face phobic. there’s no reading between the lines, it doesn’t take a genius to see that he is a bigot.

    it’s one thing to have voted for him and deal with the reality that you got duped and picking yourself up, brushing yourself off, and speaking dissent to keep him to his promises. Obots are on some other planet all together and they try to sabotage those fighting for civil rights instead of Baracks image. probably has to do with eating nutrition zapped food, all the alcohol they consume, and other “recreational” drugs they consume … the ability to realize fact from cartoonish fiction is gone. like they’re had a frontal lobotomy. it’s scary to watch and listen to an Obot regurgitate the garbage they hear on the MSM.

  • InExile

    @Dan Cullinane: Meghan McCain could be one alternative, she believes in equality. Next election I vote equality regardless of which party offers it!

  • wowjustwow


    Do yourself and the rest of us a favor. Change your tampon and take a xanax. Thanks.

    Racist freak.

  • BradK

    @InExile: “…I vote equality regardless of which party offers it!”

    The Dems always “offer” equality — especially come election season — but rarely, if ever, deliver it. At least at the national level.

    Which seems to be a huge disconnect. Beltway Dems are really not any different than Reps when you get down to it. Both are beholden to lobbyists and prurient self-interest. Professed ideology is just a smokescreen to appease the party bases. Money talks.

    Compare that to state and local pols though. Sure the Reps are much more true to party doctrine and prone to top-down hierarchy, but here the Dems are much more likely to stick their necks out for us. Consider VT, ME, and NH. Hell, even the profoundly dysfunctional (and Dem-controlled) CA legislature has twice approved marriage equality only to have it twice Terminated. And this from a crew that can’t balance its fucking checkbook.

    I think it’s going to take a massive house cleaning of Congress before we’ll ever see any real progress, erm, “Change(tm)” at the federal level.

    Don’t hold your breath though.

  • BradK

    Forgot to add:

    Case in point, our boy Gavin Newsom. As soon as he started issuing marriage licenses in San Francisco 6 years go, Dems at the national level made it quite clear that his political future was a non-starter anywhere outside CA. He became, in essence, an embarrassment to the DNC. But we were so consumed with our murderous hatred of Bush & Co. that no one noticed or cared.

    Meanwhile, The Gav is still a hometown hero in a state that has precious few. Yes Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Boxer, I’m talking to you.

  • Alton C.

    Why does the President get credit for progress on marriage equality? Those states are the product of lots of hard work by grass roots activists and organizations that started, ironically, while Bush the terrible was in office. The inconsistency of the president on this issue is beyond clear. In fact, right-wing anti-marriage voices had a great time quoting the president’s ‘God in the mix’ statements when the bills were brought up in ME and NH. I’m not saying the president shouldn’t get credit for progress on GLBT issues when he ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING, but until then…hold his feet to the fire, Mary!

  • fitc

    @wowjustwow: @Kyle: @wowjustwow:

    “t looks like what you’re fighting for are the rights of rich gay white men to be able to marry. One moment of being marginalized and you feel like you’ve suffered through the gravest injustice. As if you ever knew for a moment true discrimination.”

    Typical racist Obots … it feels to good to vote against the WHITE$ MAN!




    Because being black means I wouldn’t get any of those civil rights.

    Here’s what it boils down to fags … there are a large majority of bitter queens that never found love because they were too busy smoking blunts, downing shots at the bar, dancing till 4 in the morning and getting jagged off in ecoli infested back rooms, to have ever found true love. they thought love was taking it in the ass in the backseat of the car and in dark of night behind a tree in some park. these queens are pudgy in the middle now and have zero hope now to dream of what the younger generation WILL get because of patriots with the courage for dissent.

    during the black revolutuion … black people were betraying each other too. you bottom feed are there trying to drain the blood out of the people who figure things out years before you do. you are followers … always will be. you are the weak link. vampires … but it’s just too bad because everyone … even the staunchest of Obots are starting to wake up … damny you b*tches are dum.

    Hear that laughing?

    Yep, it’s the straight people having a good laugh at all the gays with their signs ready for “demonstration” and the the dense LGBT are so stupid they don’t even know who or what they are protesting. Not the Obama King? It couldn’t be!

    Obama-King is too busy bailing out Chyrysler even though he said in the first round of bail outs that if we didn’t bail out Chyrsler they would go under … and guess what? It’s happening anyway! He made sure all of those rich men got their bonuses and kajillions of dollars, while everyone else loses their jobs!


  • fitc

    Obots are telepaths and can see through walls right into Barack’s soul. He really DOES want fags civil rights revolution.

    I dream about Barky … it’s so nice to have a hadsome man in the white house … he’s so dreamy.

    He loves me.

    My Daddy loves me.

    I eat in the garage but it’s beyond Daddy’s control.

    Daddy can’t fix it but I love him.

    I would eat out of a dog bowl for my DaddyBama.

  • InExile

    @BradK: I know all of that, they are dirt bags consumed with their own self interest. The problem is none of them have any CHARACTER! NONE! ZERO!

  • Chris_Yes that one

    @ No. 15 · Paul

    Unless you’re calling your Mother an ass wipe bitch. I strongly suggest you watch what the FUCK you say to me anyway. We’re all entitled to an opinion and that was mines.

    CAPS or not!

    Get it Punk Ass Queen?

  • fitc

    Barky, we believe your lies … you didn’t bow down the the pedophile Muslim King.

    I believe YOU – NOT my lying eyes!

    During a state visit to the UK on October 30, 2007, Abdullah was greeted by protesters accusing him of being a ‘murderer’ and a ‘torturer’.[13] Concerns were raised in the UK about the treatment of women and homosexuals by the Saudi kingdom, and also alleged bribes involved in arms deals between Saudi Arabia and the UK.[18]

    Abdullah ranked No. 5 on Parade Magazine’s 2009 World’s Worst Dictators list,[19] ahead of Hu Jintao (China) and Ayatollah Khamenei (Iran).

    Abdullah has 7 sons and 15 daughters and Barky lies and says that he didn’t bow to him.

    Here’s the thing … gullable dum-dums don’t care. They trust DaddyBama.

  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: Whatever you say, Glenn Beck.

    How’s the tea-bagging going?

  • Miles

    In his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, Dr Martin Luther King Jr wrote: “For years now I have heard the word ‘Wait!’… This ‘Wait’ has almost always meant ‘Never’.”

    We must let President Obama we refuse to allow his command for us to ‘wait’ to become a materialization of ‘never’. This Wednesday, we will be demonstrating the urgency of equality outside of the Beverly Hilton, beginning at 6:00. All supportive of LGBT causes locally and nationally are welcomed.

  • fitc

    Barack Bush and ME-chelle might be taking a stroll holding hands in the park today. I hope I can turn on the “news” and watch them stroll! It really upsets me when they turn off the camera’s when ME-chelle goes to pee in the bushes standing up, that’s always my favorite part.

  • schlukitz

    @a. mcewen:

    “But this shooting from the hip and mouth mode we do is outdated. Gone are the days of us being in Act Up and Queer Nation. We have more power than we did back then but we are so consumed with the transitory visibility and the street politics of long ago that we aren’t taking advantage of what we have now.”

    Yes, Siree. Now, we have Joe Salmonese and the top-down HRC to smooze with the Wash. DC political whores and negotiate our civil-rights. Who the hell are we Act Up and Queer Nation types to think that we have anything to say about lives and our fate?

    Just keep sending those dollars in, STFD down and STFU. You’re rocking the boat.

    And like Obama, who hands over the workingman’s hard-earned, tax dollars to the crooks at AIG, et al, Joe hands over our hard-earned membership fees and contributions to the political whores. But hey, he get’s to sit at the same table with these horrible excuses for human beings, while the rest of grovel about on the floor, waiting for a scrap to to tossed in our direction.

    And, ya gotta admit. Both Obama and Salmonese do cut dashing figures in those tuxes and black tie swanky dinners, don’t you think?

    We’ve come a long way, baby. *sacarcasm font on*

  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: LOL. You utter moron.

  • fitc

    Why did Barky EXPAND the Patriot Act? When the pot-head liberals railed against W for it?

    Why did they approve 96 billion dollars for Barky’s EXPANDED War on Terra!? I thought the pot-head alcoholic libby’s hated the fake War on Terra!

    Why did Barky promise to end DADT?

    Is he a liar?

    A Bigot?

    Isn’t it funny that the swine himself wouldn’t even exist if his white trash mother and his radical muslim or athiest or whatever they claim he is, father, weren’t legally able to be married? The irony of Barky bigotry is positively unmatched only by the level of hypocrisy.

  • fitc

    The HRC will NEVER see not one red cent from my household EVER again.

    Joe Solomenese played an ugly game of Hollywood divisive Democrat politics.

    The community was and is divided and he chose to do as he and Hollywood wished.

    Joe should lose his job. Can’t happen soon enough.


  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: Come on, Glenn. Don’t you want to play with me anymore?

    Personally, I find it ironic that someone who throws around terms like “white trash” and “radical muslim” can claim to rail against bigotry.

  • fitc

    @wowjustwow: you’re fat

  • fitc

    Hollywood wing-nut knee-jerk liberals are pro-war now?

    Hollywood wing-nut knee-jerk liberals are happy Barky expanded the patriot act?

    Hollywood wing-nut knee-jerk liberals love bailouts now? After railing against W?

    Hey wanna hear the liberal response to bailouts? Here it is … ready?

    “Bush started it!”

  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: I know you are but what am I?

    Don’t get too riled up now, you’ll spill your sippy-cup.

  • fitc

    Why is Barky escalating the fake War on Terror?

    Why are a third of the troops staying in Iraq?

    Why will there be an estimated 100,000 troops in Afghanistan by years end?

    I thought the pot-head alcoholic liberals hated the War on Terror?

    I thought Barky was going to CHANGE all of that?

    What happened?

    Why is Barky a war monger?

  • fitc

    doesn’t Barky love Jesus so much? has he found a church in DC yet?

  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: Well, I’m off to bed, Glenn. Kisses!

    Try not to smoke too much meth.

  • fitc

    Is Barky looking for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan 8 years later?

  • Dan Cullinane

    okay then…that question went well. thanks to the dude who mentioned mccain’s daughter…at least you’re looking at your options. that other cat is just kinda crazy…can’t quite follow what he’s saying.

  • fitc

    North Korea dropping bombs again … laughing in Barky’s face.

    Wonder what Barky will do? … Bomb Afghanistan!

    Why did taxpayers just spend 96 billion dollars for Barky to escalate the war in Afghanistan? Why is he sending tens of thousands of kids to Afghanistan again?
    It’s confusing bc I thought Hollywood knee-jerk libby’s might have an answer because they hated the War on Terra!

    Where’s Margaret Cho? Will she criticize Korea? Or will she get busy calling everyone “RACISTS” like she usually does when she’s too fat to get a role?

  • Henry

    @fitc: Omg, are you like a gay republican or something? I can’t tell if you’re racist or just insane. Calm down dude. Nobody here is attacking you yet you’re using all this provocative ugly language. There’s no need to be disrespectful, and if you have racist opinions about the president or other posters, try to just bottle it up.

  • Henry

    @fitc: I’m absolutely sure this is just some closeted republican quoting rush limbaugh or something. Why’s this site so anti-obama?

  • fitc

    @Henry: “Omg like dude are you like a like republican like? Did you see my sneakers? I got like Barky’s face on like my shoe! LIKE OMG!”


    That’s like the only thing you can like do because I can’t argue your points because like … you don’t have any and like you can’t defend anything Barky is doing because like you’re too dumb so all you can do is like SCREAM RAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCIIIISTTTTTTTTTT!

    Dude Like OMG let’s go play video games like!

  • fitc

    Barky preaches that the reason LGBTQ shouldn’t have the same civil rights as he and ME-chelle do is becuase “God is in the Mix”. So the question is, has he found a church in DC yet? Barky loves Jesus so much, doesn’t he? how could he be without a church for four months when he’s a devout christian? Maybe he’s getting counsel from Rick Warrne and Jeremiah Wright.

    I am hearing more and more dissent from former Obots, they can’t deny that he is Barack Bush. As each days passes it is more relevant and everyone is waking up from sham, a little to late but … if you loved W, you should love Barky. Most with a brain are figuring that out now …

    The CHICKENS have come home to ROOST!

  • wowjustwow

    @fitc: Getting an early start today, I see. I suppose it’s 5pm somewhere in the world…

  • GBM


  • GBM


  • TH

    @Glenn: Hmm, Wasn’t Obama’s whole campaign message about no longer “playing the politics game in Washington?” I think the point being that he promised equality for all citizens- and it’s only coming if he can spend 3 trillion on it or not piss off the religious right too much. That’s why people are mad.

    In other news, go Hillary 2012!

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