batter up!

Anti-Gay Politico Caught Donating Sperm To Lesbian Couples (No, Not Literally)

Former Alabama council member Bill Johnson should be a little more careful about where he leaves his junk.

Johnson, a conservative Republican who ran for governor in 2010 0n a right-wing, anti-marriage-equality platform, has spent recent months in New Zealand doing humanitarian work: You know, repairing hurricane damage, teaching kids to read… donating sperm to infertile couples.

As the New Zealand Herald reports, Johnson created profiles on several infertility sites and was in talks with at least nine different couples about providing some genetic material.

But he wasn’t exactly aboveboard about the whole thing: He didn’t tell his wife, a former Mrs. America pageant finalist, what he was up to and wasn’t up front with the different fertility clinics he made deposits at.

And, he claims, he didn’t realize some of the couples he was providing baby batter for were lesbians. “I just know they want to have children,” Johnson said when confronted by reporters in Christchurch.

The potent politician said he had discussed with his wife, Kathy, the possibility of donating sperm—but hadn’t clued her in that he’d already knocked up three women.

Are these the family values Johnson and his Christian cohorts are always yammering about?