Also, Doesn't Like Ukrainians

Anti-Gay Politico Turned Tricks

Canada’s political landscape found an enemy in Bill Whatcott. Running for mayor in Edmonton, Alberta, the conservative’s made a name for himself with a virulently homophobic platform.

Speaking to Canada’s Sun Media, Whatcott offered this offensive, confusing statement:

Homosexuality is killing young men with diseases like anal warts, anal gonorrhoea and anal cancer – you’re not going to get that living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian.”

That’s odd, we weren’t aware Ukrainians had a reputation for a particularly dangerous “lifestyle”. You learn something new everyday….

While an anti-gay politico ain’t nothing new, Whatcott’s unique for his shady, homosexual past.

[Whatcott] admits performing “homosexual acts” for money as a teen but has since “found God and repented for the repugnant things” in his past.

“I don’t expect people to like me but I’ve got supporters, especially in church circles,” he said. “If you don’t like me don’t vote for me.”

Police Commissioner Murray Billet certainly won’t be voting for Whatcott (What a Cock?). Millet describes Whatcott’s policies as a “platform of intolerance”. He continues, “His message is vitriolic and un-Canadian. This is the kind of person who gives Albertan’s a red-neck reputation and it’s undeserved.” Don’t worry, Whatcott’s considered a long shot for the slot.