No Hope For Miranda Grell

Anti-Gay Politico’s Appeal Trashed

British politico Miranda Grell’s anti-gay past ain’t going away. Grell first popped up on our pages when we reported on her disgusting anti-gay attacks on electoral opponent Barry Smith.

For those of you who have forgotten, Labour politico Grell told Waltham Forest residents that Smith favored Thai teenager, leading many to label Smith a pedophile. Never mind that fact that Smith’s boyfriend’s 39-years old and Malaysian, not Thai.

Waltham Forest officials ordered Grell to give up her seat and pay $2,000 fine, plus $6,000 in court free. Grell appealed the decision, but authorities weren’t having it: they’ve ordered her to pay another $12,000 in court costs. The Labour party originally backed Grell’s appeal attempts, but later dropped, citing “legal reasons”.