Anti-Gay Preacher Again Apologizes

Peter Mullen, the chaplain for London’s Stock Exchange, issued another apology yesterday for his frightening remarks about the gays.

Mullen had previously suggested in a series of blog posts that gay people should be tattooed with messages like “Fellatio kills” and the such.

Now that the world thinks he’s a big asshole, however, Mullen’s suddenly become super contrite:

I did not intend to cause any upset but I realise that the remarks were injudicious and I have caused offense. I want to issue an apology.

I did not intend to cause offense when I made some joking remarks about homosexuals.

I was not actually meaning to criticize individual homosexual persons, but the promoters of gay culture.

However, my remarks have caused offense and for this I am sorry and make a full and complete apology.

Now, we know that not all “homosexual persons” are out and proud, but those of us who don’t live in the shadows, whether we like it or not, are “promoters” of gay culture, whatever that means. Thus, by taking on such people, Mullen’s actually taking on anyone who refuses to hide their sexuality, for being out inadvertently boosts the so-called gay cause. That said, Mullen, your apology falls flat. Maybe if you tattoo “dick” on your head – that might help…