Anti-Gay Preacher Singlehandedly Ruins the Fun of a Brooklyn Public Restroom

Meet Brother J.J. Richardson. He’s a Brooklyn-based street preacher who sells bibles, shouts sermons at pedestrians, and hands out anti-gay pamphlets in the Borough Hall men’s public restroom. Or at least he used to until a recent tun in with a female cop named “Gibson.” Gibson forbade Richardson from ruining the bathroom with his shitty pamphlets while continuing to let other men enter the john. And when she realized that she couldn’t curb Richardson’s free speech rights in a public place, she closed the bathroom off to everyone—another example of how anti-gay speech hurts us all.

On one hand, Officer Gibson should be praised for keeping extra crap out of the bathroom. There’s enough gum in the urinals. She undoubtedly did so to ensure all men wouldn’t feel victimized during their special time. On the other hand, Gibson has unwittingly fed the beast that screams about “the homosexual agenda” stomping on “religious free speech” (or as I like to call it, “hate speech”).

It’s local knowledge that the Borough Hall bathroom has been “officially” closed for years. Only Borough Hall visitors are allowed to use it, and even then only if they ask the attending officer very nicely. One can assume Richardson might have tried to persuade Officer Gibson by invoking the Lord’s Wrath and the eternal flames of Hell. It’s a good tactic, one that the Westboro Baptist Church has been using to stink up soldier funerals and high school events for years.

I’m all for free speech, but certainly the john could be a place for respite? If not, I’ll be avoiding Brother Richardson’s crap while using the loo at Starbucks. The one that requires a freakin’ entry code.