Two Screws Don't Make A Right

Anti-Gay Priest Should Take His Show On The Road

Croatian priest Andro Ursic‘s one talented homophobic schmuck. Never in all our lives have we heard someone speak so poetically, so eloquently, so ridiculously about anal sex:

Two homosexuals join unnaturally and aggressively. Two screws cannot join, two nails cannot enter one another. True, there are several holes in a man that are intended for something else by nature and God’s plan. But a disoriented homosexual is trying to turn his penis into a drill and widen the hole of his partner where feces come out.

Now we know why people are gay: they’ve got a wicked case of vertigo.

To see some video of Ursic’s unorthodox sermonizing, jump away…
It’s actually sort of catchy, no?

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  • Tallskin

    God these fucking sky god worshippers are OBSESSED with gay sex!

    Do you think we should be told something about them???

    Why don’t they get so obsessed with helping people and world poverty, world over-population, starvation, road accidents, blah blah, all the things they should be concerned about??

    Someone tell me, please!

  • Dawster

    Tallskin, i was just writing about Jim Naugle… and you are right.. some people are really obsessed with homos…

    it’s so fucking weird. out of all the atrocities in the world, out of everything that is “wrong”… a homo penis and it’s location up an ass is the biggest (and most described) issue that plagues the minds of “god-fearing” folk.

    the euphemisms keep coming… and getting worse.

  • cjc

    I love it when the nuts are obsessed with the mechanics of gay sex; if it’s supposedly so “unnatural,” why even think about it?

  • Matt

    So this means lesbians and gay guys who don’t assfuck are off the hook from the religious rightballs? These people are just so weird. Dawster and Tallskin are totally on target; trouble is, of course, that these guys’ great sky father never whacked anyone’s city for failing to care for the needy (though there are interesting revisionist interpretations of the Sodom story that suggest it was more about failing to show hospitality to strangers than buttsex–that’s kinda a stretch, though). So by their lights, they’re on solid theological ground. They’re still idiots.

  • GoodBuddy

    I like the quote “God must have loved gay men, or else why did He put the prostate where He did?”

    Homosexual behavior is found throughout the animal kingdom, and so is completely natural. But people who argue this kind of thing are bigots, and just use arguments to justify their bigotry.

  • dfrw

    I don’t understand their obsession either. I should go to a church and listen to see if its members obsess about it as much as they write about it.

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