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Anti-gay pundit trolled hard on Twitter for criticizing Harry Style’s rainbow Coachella outfit

Harry Styles‘ fans are trolling conservative pundit Greg Kelly over his femme-phobic remark about the British singer — and the Twitter replies are hilarious.

Kelly posted an image of Styles wearing a rainbow-sequined pantsuit during his Coachella 2022 performance and wrote, “I think Harry Styles would benefit from 3 years in the Marine Corps.” Kelly, a former Marine, probably assumes that military service would make Styles less flamboyant — nevermind that we know plenty of queer veterans who are femme AF and slay on the regular… but we digress.

Kelly may not have known that Styles was actually in the military… well, that is, he played a soldier in the 2017 film Dunkirk, a movie about the 1940 evacuation of European troops from a French beach under German attack during World War II.

Styles’ fans began using screenshots from the film to mock Kelly, telling the pundit that he was wrong for “disrespecting the military.”

Missing the joke, Kelly commented, “ASTOUNDING-Many think since HARRY STYLES was in ‘Dunkirk’ he was in the Military. He’s in a COSTUME, Not a Uniform. ‘Entertainers’ were once there for our occasional Amusement, now FANATICS have made them a New Religion.”

But Kelly’s oh-so-smart reply didn’t really matter, since Styles’ Twitter army moved on to clowning him in other hilarious ways.

Others provided more images of Styles wearing dresses for Kelly to save in his phone.

A bunch of commenters also posted videos of military men doing intensely homoerotic things in the barracks.

Styles doesn’t identify as queer, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kelly disapproved of his flamboyant outfit. Kelly, a host on the far-right Newsmax TV network, generally opposes any media that acknowledges the existence of queer people, including Oreo’s gay-inclusive ad and the lesbian cop in Pixar’s Onward.


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