Radio Hosts Not Interested In Said Complaint

‘Anti-Gay’ Radio Track Garners Complaint

Los Angeles-based radio station K-ROQ Kevin & Bean show recently started playing a track called “Lean Like A Homo,” a send up of Kilo’s “Lean Like a Cholo”.

Before you get hot and bothered, consider these somewhat clever lyrics: “Ass cheeks up, spread them wide… That’s how we live, party, and play, every single day for the gay.”

While we got a bit of a chuckle, one concerned queer wasn’t having it.

In an effort to change the station’s allegedly anti-gay ways, this particular listener sent a letter of complaint. The song’s not nearly as offensive as host Kevin Ryder’s snide reply:

I’m sure you can write certain “leaders” of groups out there that spend their lives coordinating their fake, choreographed shows of anger…

You should be ashamed of yourself for taking attention away from the real problems. Grow up. If you don’t like our show, nobody is putting a gun to your head, just change the station to another station that takes your fake outrage seriously…

Damn! That’s pretty bitchy for a straight man. Shame on you, Kevin. You should have known such a flippant response would rile the lavenders.

Those of you looking for something to do may want to get in contact with Kevin and his “pal” Bean.