Anti-Gay Robinson’s Colleagues Worry About Mental Health

Northern Ireland’s Iris Robinson’s repeated anti-gay outbursts have her political colleagues wondering about her mental health:

Robinson’s outbursts against homosexuals are developing into “an unhealthy obsession” for which she should seek psychiatric help, it has been claimed.
Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson said she was convinced the DUP MP was stressed and this was manifesting itself in a series of public remarks targeting homosexuality.

Ms Anderson said: “Iris seems to be constantly obsessed with the gay and lesbian community.”

“I think she (Mrs Robinson] should seek a quiet moment to sit down and talk to somebody herself.”

The Sinn Fein woman continued by suggesting the DUP MP “takes time out”.

Robinson’s remarks have included comparing sodomy to child abuse, calling gays sinners and recommending reparative therapy to “treat” the gay folk. Yep, she sounds certifiable to us!

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