Anti-Gay Signs “Tarnished” In Az.

Activists opposing Arizona’s ban on gay marriage unleashed some shenanigans this weekend:

More than 100 campaign signs that support Proposition 102 have been vandalized or stolen, according to a campaign spokesperson.

The signs promote a yes vote, which would define marriage in Arizona as between one man and one woman. A spokesperson for the campaign said the damage has totaled nearly $6,000.

We can’t condone illegal activity, but, c’mon, this is kind of awesome.

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  • TAZ389

    There is one thing you can give to homophobes in USA : They never lack of paint spray.

    It’s like if they always have them under their sofa…just in case .

    We have condoms, they have their spray.

    I hope they as fun with their gadget that we have with ours…:-)

  • Toaster

    I can just imagine a crack team of gays in matching black Armani coveralls roaming the night and defacing signs. So fierce!

  • BG1137

    I love it keep up the good work!

  • TAZ389

    I think those people are not married either. if they were surely they would take care of their kids in the evening rather than sneaking around outside like a cheerleader and her boyfriend looking for a quiet place for a blow job!

    Those people don’t even work , or they ll be too tired to do that kinda shit .

    So basically, unmarried, unemployed, and u can bet , unfuckable people do that kind of stuff.

  • Bob R

    TAZ389: You aren’t very bright are you? Those using spray paint to deface the signs are not “homophobes” but apparently gay activists. You really don’t read and comprehend English very well. And your No. 5 post confirms you’re a dim wit.

  • TAZ389

    My apologies, I’m at work and didn’t get it , ok?

    You can crucify me if you want, I’ll give you my address…

    Bob R , thanks for pointing out my ignorance and insulting me that way.

    I may be not the brightest light on this blog, unlike you, but I may have more manners.

    I ‘m glad you enlightened me that way, u saved me .

  • Carsen T.

    LOL, this reminds me of what got us into trouble at school last week. Well it started off by one of my friends running over a row of all the Yes on 8 signs our old primary school passed out to all the little kids to stick on the lawns of our neighborhood. Then our high school told us that if we wanted to do something against prop 8, we are better off volunteering at their call center. Well we were already working at the no on prop 8 call center. But the thing is my mom and dad are two of the biggest volunteers for yes on prop 8 (my mom is the one who passes out yes on 8 bumper stickers at the BART station…not really proud of that). So I mean they already know about me, so the fact that they volunteer for yes on 8 hurts, my friends and I ended up jacking the truck my dad was using to deliver all those pamphlets and bumper stickers, so now they are scrambling to find pamplhlets to pass out. Heh, take that mom and dad.

  • JJ

    I just wish that instead of engaging in this kind of night time vandalism, if it is her, that Ellen DeGeneres would just pry open her wallet, blow away the cobwebs, and make a contribution to No on 8 in California.

  • fredo777

    hahahaha @ Carsen

    You + your friends kick a little ass, no doubt.

    Admittedly, defacing these signs might not be “fair”, but the majority getting to vote down our rights to marry isn’t exactly “fair”, either.

  • Carsen T.

    Well, since Prop 8 (Knight of Columbus who pay for most of the stuff) has found out it was kids from Catholic Primary and High Schools running over the signs and stealing the pamphlets. They are asking the superintendent of the Archdiocese to ask the principals and deans of the school to use harsher punishments on the kids doing it. I am the youth co-ordinator for one of the ArchSF summer camps, so I am on the list to receive notices like that. We just got all the other kids vandalizing the signs and stealing the handouts to just work in the areas getting the most shipments of signs, because those parishes are so big that they think people are taking them… LOL but what can you do when most of the LGBT kids I know have parents working on yes on 8, it does seem fair.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I’ll bet you that all of the polygamous Mormons living in Arizona vote in favor of the one man-one woman definition even though it officially makes their lifestyles illegal.

  • ousslander

    If it was NO to 102, would y’all be so cavalier and encouraging. Law breaking and violating someone’s right to free speech should not be acceptable by either side.

    It’s scarey how gleefully and unabashedly the left is willing and attempting to shut down opposing views, no matter how idiotic.

  • fredo777

    Of course we wouldn’t be so cavalier about it if they were No to 102 signs.

    Sure, free speech + expression + all that jazz.

    I’m having a hard time feeling bad about the signs promoting the denial of our rights being defaced, though.


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