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Anti-Gay Sports Tees Just a Hop, Skip Away from Chicago Fans


THE SHOT — Remember the homophobic (and racist) tees being sold to certain Chicago sports fans? And here we thought their sale was just limited to the wild west of the world wide web. And then reader Reid spotted this T-shirt vendor outside Wrigley Field on Sunday for the Cubs-Brewers matchup. Notes Reid: “Whatever company that is selling these shirts online is also peddling them at games all over town.”

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  • Dennis

    This snaggletooth slob is pretty offensive…calls to the local alderman are in order, cause this shit is going down 2 blocks from the major gay strip in the city. Not acceptable.

    In reality, this moronic f*ck probably doesn’t even hate gay people, just selling whatever shit he can to make a buck…still doesn’t make it right.

    Wish I could sell t-shirts in front of Wrigley Field (with about a hundred body guards) saying “Just another drunk, stupid, fat, ugly fuck of a Cub’s fan with a 2-inch dick” or something similar.

    Stay classy, breeders…

  • geoff

    @Dennis: Actually, I just read in the sunday Chicago Tribune, the local Alderman, Tom Tunney is trying to pass an ordinance pushing these vendors 2 blocks away from Wrigley Field, I wonder if this had anything to do with it.

  • james ii

    unlikely the move to push vendors farther from the park has anything to do with this, probably just a way of appeasing the cubs/tribune co.

    you know, last year when the vendors were selling racist tees using fukudome’s name (in a twisted, racist way) public outcry and embarassment got the vendors (most of them) to stop selling them.

    this picture does not include the tees that say ‘cardinals fans take it in the pujols’ or ‘brewers fans such sausages’ that i’ve seen outside the world’s biggest bar, aka wiggly park. like i’ve said before, the alderman for this ward is gay and he should do something to get these guys to stop selling said shirts. perhaps concerned sports fans can write a few letters to him???

  • Dabq

    And this will get little to no outrage here, and, this is the sort of hate that needs to be confronted up front and in their face. It’s unacceptable hate that has no place in 2009.

  • edgyguy1426

    @geoff: Geoff, I’ll bet they’re experiencing pressure from the ‘Official Wrigley’ vendors to back up these unlicensed tee shirt vendors furrther away from the park. O think U.S. Cellular did that years ago.

  • jarvisbearcub

    But if Cubs T-shirts are banned, what will overweight gay boys in their 20s wear to attract sugar daddies?

  • Rick Heintz

    I walk past Wrigley each day to get to work and I have been keeping an eye out for these t’s after I saw the original post. I did walk up to one of the many people pushing these shirts and told him that the shirt was offensive and he said, “Only to Packer Fans” I then told him that it’s offensive to gay people and he said “Who Cares!”

    We need people to contact the Chicago Cubs and let them know how we feel. They are very supportive of the community and I’m sure they will do something about this.[email protected]

  • TANK

    Fuck chicago! It’s full of fuckin’ polacks, corrupt politicians, and greasy annoying bastards. Good food, though. Chicago would be great, actually, if they dropped a neutron bomb on it.

  • TANK

    Oh, and not to mention that septic douchenozzle david axelrod.

  • me

    hey! i’m both a chicagoan and a polack. chicago has a huge gay pride parade, a sizable gay district and even hosted the gay games once. it’s not as bad you’re making it out to be.

  • hephaestion

    They should pass a law forcing this vendor to sell his homo-hating crap only on the gay strip on North Halstead Street, where he could be constantly harrassed and vandalized.

  • Brian

    Religion speaks again.

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