"This is not the Anglicanism in which I was formed."

Anti-Gay U.S. Bishop Bounces To Catholics

An Anglican Bishop has left the Episcopal Church to join the less gay-friendly Catholic Church.

Rev Jeffrey Steenson, Bishop of Rio Grande, accused his Episcopal colleagues of defying the internatioanl Anglican Communion. Insisting the Episcopals aren’t an autonomous church, Steenson said,

This is not the Anglicanism in which I was formed, inspired by the Oxford movement and the Catholic Revival in the Church of England. Perhaps something was defective in my education for ministry in the Episcopal Church, but, honestly, I did not recognize the church that this House described on that occasion.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Episcopal Church has rejected the discipline of communion but wants it only on its own terms.

Steenson will now enlist with the Catholic Church, where, you know, there aren’t so many open gays. Just the closeted kind, which are preferable. Obviously.