Say It Ain't So!!

Anti-Gay Victory In Florida?

Bad news out of Florida this morning, readers. Anti-gay marriage activists claim they have enough signatures to put a constitutional ban on the ballot next November:

The proposal that defines marriage as “the legal union of only one man and one woman” was offered by a coalition called It needed 611,009 signatures from registered voters to go on the ballot.

The amendment’s language was drafted by Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which advocates for religious civil liberties, and his wife, Anita. Liberty Counsel announced in a news release that the proposal had met the signature requirement.

That’s the last step to get on the ballot as the Florida Supreme Court already has ruled the proposal meets basic requirements of focusing only on one subject and offering voters a clear and accurate summary of what it would do.

The proposal will need a 60 percent majority at the polls to become part of the Florida Constitution.

The coalition now has until February 1st to turn over their paperwork and get the illiberal ball rolling…