Lynching: It's Not Just For Blacks!

Anti-Gay White Supremacists Are Totally Psycho

Some white supremacists are bringing their anti-gay ideology to the internet. And it’s truly revolting.

An unknown number of adherents are circulating a “List of Open and Unapologetic Faggot Politicians.” Though the list originally appeared on an Ohio-based website, it found its way over to The Politically Correct Apostate, where one can find the following note:

I would never encourage my readers to take direct action in the form of violence against any faggots, that would be illegal. However, if for some reason the laws were to change in the future, by keeping this information archived here and on various computers across the country, these faggots may rue the day they “came out of the closet.” If that day ever arrives [when it becomes legal to lynch faggots], I’ll be more than happy to provide this information to those that might legally string you degenerates up.

This shithead’s talking about lynching people and we’re the degenerates? Okay…