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Anti-LGBT Group Moving Forward With Attempt To Repeal Pro Trans Student Law In California


Here we go, again.

Last month, it was revealed that Jelly Belly chairman Herman Rowland, Sr. was helping to fund an anti-LGBT group who calls themselves “Privacy For All Students” to fight a sweeping law that was designed to protect transgender students in California.

The “School Success and Opportunity Act” gives transgender students from grades K-12 in California the right to choose facilities and activities based on their gender identity and not their birth gender.  The opposing “Privacy For All Students” group, made up of various “faith-based” organizations including the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was mobilizing to collect at least 505,000 signatures to propose a challenge to the law on the November 2014 ballot.

Sadly, it appears they’ve succeeded.

AP is reporting that “Privacy For All Students” campaign manager (and mustache-twirler behind Prop. 8.) Frank Schubert has delivered 620,000 signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. If the signatures are verified, the initiative is placed on the ballot, and it is passed, it would effectively repeal the “School Success and Opportunity Act” and strip the transgender students of the protections they now have.

However, LGBT advocates in California aren’t going down without a fight. Equality California co-sponsored the “School Success and Opportunity Act,” and their Executive Director is digging in his heels. “Protecting this law is our number one priority,” he says, “and we will put everything we’ve got into it.”

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  • Polaro

    Seriously, don’t these people have anything better to do with their time? I suggest they find something positive to work, like supporting injured troops needing support. You know, something they always preach, but never do.

  • charlie-imac

    Once again the gay groups are fighting a battle that has noting to do with being gay.

  • andy_d

    @charlie-imac: It is not unusual for a transgendered person to have a “same sex” attraction before, during or after the transition. I have met a number for Male to Female people who are lesbian after the transition. I do not personally know any Female to Male transgendered people, so I will not speak to same sex attraction regarding that part of the community.

    Gay means having a same sex attraction – whether or not the person acts on it. THAT is why gay groups are fighting. But then, if you had bothered to make yourself aware of this, I would not be needing to write this, would I?

    Just as there are “none so blind as those who will not see,” there are those who are stupid only because they CHOOSE to remain ignorant.

  • charlie-imac

    I’m a gay man and have not had a problem using a restroom. Same for the other gay men I know. Also know a lot of lesbians. They’ve never told me once that they’ve had problems using the restrooms aside from not enough facilities. Its a transexaul issue and has noting to do with being gay aside from all the support we’re suppose to give them. Andy-d it’s more of you refusing to admit that the transexual issues are not gay issues. You mentioned blind are they going to hijack the gay movement next?

  • Thedrdonna

    Charlie, did you just ignore Andy’s comment? He made the point that for most trans folk, either pre- or post-transition, they will experience same-sex desires. Add to that that most of the modern data on the subject shows that about 2/3 of trans people are either gay or bi, and you’re trying to say that this has nothing to do with gay people? Oh, not to mention the fact that most gender nonconforming youth (you know, the target of this law) end up not being trans-but hold on! A significant percentage, possibly even the majority, will turn out to be LGB. So you’re saying gay kids aren’t important to look after? Get with the program.

  • Dixie Rect

    @charlie-imac: I completely agree. I have stated a similar opinion here on Queerty and have been slammed! This is not a G/L issue.

  • jimstoic

    @charlie-imac: Equality California isn’t a “gay group.” It is and always has been an “LGBT advocacy organization.”

  • 2eo

    @Dixie Rect: To be fair, you’re both c*nts so it isn’t really a surprise nobody agrees with you.

  • Scribe38

    @2eo: Damn I could hug you for that one

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