Misguided Hate

Anti-Prop 8 Vandals Strike a Gay-Friendly Church

In the fight against Prop 8, religion has been a cornerstone. And it’s not just the Mormon Church who took heat, but also conservative Catholics with a “traditional” definition of marriage. So anger toward them can be rationalized — vandalism, however, cannot. And such is the case of a church in San Francisco’s Castro district, which was spraypainted with swastikas on Saturday night by Prop 8 foes. The kicker? That church happened to be gay-friendly.

Vandals spray-painted swastikas on a Catholic church in San Francisco’s Castro District Saturday night.

It appears the vandals are upset about the Catholic church’s support of Proposition 8, which made same-sex marriage illegal in California.

But, the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church on Diamond Street is gay-friendly. Many parishioners voted against Prop 8 and they are upset their church was targeted.

“We’re very disturbed by the hierarchy’s support of the Yes on Eight Campaign. We’ve been in conversation with the bishop, which is the way I think we need to handle it. I think Catholic teaching shows us we’re all a community and we all need to talk to one another about it even if we have disagreements,” said Rob Hopckey. [ABC KGO]