Anti-Semitism, Kidnapping All In A Day’s Work For Foreskin Man

Corporate scientist Miles Hastwick heads the Museum of Genital Integrity, but whenever an infant male finds itself in danger of “male genital mutilation” (aka circumcision), Hastwick transforms into FORESKIN MAN! In the comic’s first issue, Foreskin Man fought Dr. Mutilator but in the second issue, Foreskin Man takes on Monster Mohel, the would-be circumciser of his acquaintance’s newborn son. Never fear! Foreskin Man will use plasma rocket boots, superhuman strength, anti-semitism, and kidnapping to save the day!

Foreskin Man’s second issue drops amid two separate California ballot attempts to ban circumcision city-wide; a ban that has Debra Saunders at the SF Gate wondering about its possible anti-Semetic intentions. It might seem like a stretch, but Jewish groups would likely be among the first to file a lawsuit if the ban ends up on the books.

Foreskin Man creator and intactivist Matthew Hess has said, “The Foreskin Man comic book uses popular art to shine a spotlight on the practice of infant circumcision. Over the years there have been a lot of rationalizations and justifications to keep it going, but the bottom line is that forced circumcision violates human rights. I hope this story will help convince some people of that in a way that words alone cannot.”

He says, he says, “A lot of people have said that [the comic is anti-semetic], but we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic. We’re trying to be pro-human rights.”

Pro-human rights? That’s an odd thing to say when your hero cracks a Hasidic Jew across the face with a pool cue and then kidnaps his hostess’ baby. But maybe we’re not being fair. So we created an abbreviated version of Foreskin Man issue #2 with the biggest plot highlights so you can judge for yourselves.