Anti-Sodomite To Get Honor


We’ve been around the block, so we’re not surprised by much, but we did jolt a little when we read this story. Former Atlanta Attorney General Mike Bowers (pictured at a press conference after admitting to having an adulterous relationship) has been chosen by the Atlanta Bar Association to receive its prestigious leadership award. We’re all about people being rewarded for their work (hint, hint), but when said honoree fought to maintain anti-sodomy laws… well, we don’t like that so much.

The Stonewall Bar Association decried the proposed honor in a letter saying:

Members in our community suffered for almost an additional two decades because of him… The fact that he pushed very hard in that case, where he had discretion not to, kind of speaks to where his feelings were.

Richard Herzog, president of the Atlanta Bar Association, replied in a letter:

Giving a leadership award does not imply that every member of the Atlanta Bar Association agrees with every action or position of the Honoree.

Well, he certainly told them, didn’t he?