ENDA Just One Piece Of Disgraceful History

Anti-Trans Politics Nothing New

Human Rights Campaign’s apparent disinterest in trans rights grabbed fresh headlines over the past few weeks. As trans activist Monica Roberts points out, anti-trans politics have a long history in queer movements. The ENDA debate, however, may be the last straw:

HRC also has a pathetic history of refusing to deal with trans people as equals not only in terms of civil rights legislation but even in hiring talented transgender people for their organization. This historical negativity keeps transpeople from working with HRC in any capacity.

The flare up this time may have not only burned the bridge that people like recently resigned HRC board member Donna Rose and others were trying to build towards a working partnership with HRC, but made any talk of doing that in the transgender community moot for years to come.

Roberts also takes aim at Barney Frank, calling the openly gay Representative a “prominent” example of anti-trans leaders.