Antigay Activists Just Spent More Than 11 Hours Trashing Gay People In A Hotel Conference Room

A gang of antigay activists attempted to one-up Hillary Clinton’s 11 hour Benghazi hearing from last week by holding their own 11 and a half hour conference this week to discuss what they call the “gay identity paradigm.”

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Approximately 50 gay-hating extremists gathered in Salt Lake City, UT for the World Congress of Families conference. As a “warm-up” to that conference, they held an all-day hate session dubbed #Stand4Truth on Monday in which some of the most vocal antigay activists of our time took turns getting up on their soapbox.

Peter Sprigg, senior fellow of the American Family Association, delivered the morning keynote. In his speech, he said he wanted to focus specifically on “gay relationships” because, as he put it, they are “objectively harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large.”

Sprigg also said advocating against things like marriage equality, non-discrimination laws, and hate crime bills isn’t motivated by hate but by love. Take, for example, AIDS.

“The reason they died is because they chose to have sex with men,” Sprigg said, “not because conservatives told them not to. We do no one a kindness by denying the truth.”

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Another highlight from the day included a rousing panel discussion between Kim Davis’ lawyer Mat Staver, American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, and MassResistance’s Brian Camenker, who all agreed that Christians need to be more aggressive in their approaches to bringing down gays.

“I think there is a place for being insulting and degrading, and I think I can back that up by scripture,” Camenker said. “I think we have to look at this as a war.”

“I do think that evangelicals have gotten a little bit soft and not understood warfare,” Rios agreed.

But the real kicker came towards the end of the discussion when Camenker likened homosexuals to Nazis.

“We are in a war,” he warned. “They would send us to concentration camps if they could!”

Other speakers from the 11+ hour conference included conservative radio host Michael Brown, Houston Pastor Dave Welch, “ex-gay” therapists Robert Vazzo and David Pickup, and former California lieutenant governor and anti-porn activist John Harmer.

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Watch the Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg spew his hateful rhetoric below.

h/t: Right Wing Watch