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Antigay alt-right d-bag scammed out of $1 million he raised for “anti-woke” superhero film

A far-right activist who once described homosexuality as a “birth defect” raised over $1 million from his followers to make an “anti-woke” superhero action film. But the money ended up getting stolen by a con artist, and honestly, we can’t stop laughing.

Theodore Beale is a far-right activist and self-described Christian nationalist known as “Vox Day.” He espouses white separatism as the key to preserving Western civilization and has tried to establish his own little anti-woke media empire.

He founded an anti-left wing Wikipedia, a “100 percent social justice warrior (SJW) free” comic book label, he wrote the non-fiction work SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, and hosted an event supporting the transphobic GamerGate movement with alt-right trolls Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.

Anyway, Beale wanted to make a right-wing superhero movie called Rebel’s Run that sounded like a racist version of Wonder Woman. It involved a woman named Rebel, clad in Confederate flag-covered gear — yes, the symbol of the “rebels” who waged war against the U.S. government in order to keep Black people enslaved.

The plot, a paranoid conspiracy theorist’s fantasy come to life, involved Rebel “fighting a global police force hunting down freethinking conservatives,” The Daily Beast reported. Riiiiight…

In 2019, Beale asked his followers to help raise $1 million for the film. But he made the mistake of handing the money over to Ohana Capital Financial, a business that offered to hold onto the money while helping Beale get additional funding for the project.

The only problem: Ohana was owned by self-described “cryptocurrency billionaire” James Wolfgramm. Wolfgramm claimed to own many sports cars and “high-tech cryptocurrency mining rigs” that made him rich. But it turned out Wolfgramm owed over $4 million in debt to another client, and the pics of his sports cars and mining rigs were totally bogus. He’s now under federal investigation for at least seven counts of massive financial fraud.

“I wouldn’t count on us getting the money back,” Beale told his followers in a recent video. “I strongly suspect that this whole thing was a targeted operation intended to break our community.”

Cue the world’s teeniest tiniest widdle violin.

But don’t worry! Beale wants to create a new film project about astronauts, starring antisemitic comedian Owen Benjamin as the head of NASA! And to anyone who’s interested in investing in that project, we also have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn that we’d love to sell you — call us?

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